Life Happens - Part 3

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The weekend of Camp Willow Run...

Once we were back in town, the entire family headed to the grocery store because we needed rations for the week.

At home, everything was unloaded and we got down to the business of emptying suitcases and washing clothes/towels/stuff and putting everything away.  A 1.5 day trip with two girls (ages 9 and 35) will result in an entire load of laundry with just the items that were taken and used on the trip.  I dread what this will be like in about 8 years when Jeb and Katie are able to go on this trip at the same time.  'Cause you know one or both of us (Mike, me) will end up as chaperones, right?  We all know this, even if we aren't admitting it right now.  Yes, dear, I'm talking to you :-)

As the evening rolls on, Abby comments that Katie feels warm.  What?  Really?  Nah.  That's just hyper-drama.  Or not.  Katie is running a temp, but she is actually totally normal.  And, cue the Motrin and Tylenol.

Katie slept the entire night without issue.  SCORE!  She seemed fine when she woke up.  No rash.  No redness.  No fever.  Can it really be that easy?  No, it can't.  Ever.

By evening, she is a fussy mess.  She doesn't want her bath.  She doesn't want to eat.  She's drooling like a rabid dog (nice visual, huh?).  As soon as the pediatrician opens on Tuesday morning, I'm on the phone.  They've got an appointment at the office closest to Abby's school.  With a PA that we all adore.  Yet, there's always a catch.  This time, the catch is that darned doctor's appointment I've rescheduled like a million times already.  IT is 20 minutes before Katie's appointment.  Thankfully, it is just up the street.  Did I mention the traffic.  Hooray for 440/Beltline traffic at 8am on a Tuesday morning.  Said no one.  Ever.

What to do?  We scatter like crazy and make sure that everyone is accounted for and at the right medical facility at the right time.  We rock this parenting thing.  (ha.  ha ha.  ha ha ha.)

Final result - Katie has hand, foot and mouth.  Bonus - we now have a diagnosis for Jeb beyond "virus."  The ugly truth - our littlest girl is in a lot of pain and discomfort.  Her little mouth is covered in ulcers (which explains the drool and avoidance of food and drink).  I get another doctor's appointment for Wednesday.

Wednesday rolls around.  We run the crazy out of the house dash again because getting everyone where they need to be with 3 kids is never easy-peasy.  Somehow, we manage.  Everyone survives and arrives.  Added bonus?  We get to do it all again Thursday.  Yep, another doctor's appointment.

Thursday get going just like all the other days this week.  Running late.  Traffic.  Forgotten items.  Such is life.  Well, at lease our lives.  I've heard tell of mythical families that have it all-together all of the time.  Thankfully, I haven't met them or they aren't willing to admit it face-to-face out of sheer fear of ___ (insert your own personal hell here).

So, the 5 people in my family have seen 6 doctors in the past 7 days.  And, with all of that, I'm thankful that we're all healthy or healing.  Because, for us, stressed = blessed.

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