Life Happens - Part 2

Read about Part 1 here.

The weekend of Camp Willow Run...

Did I mention I was able to get 90 minutes of luxurious sleep between Thursday evening and Friday morning?  I don't think I was even tired anymore.

The opportunity arose to ride along with a friend to camp instead of sitting on the bus with 10 giggly girls.  Did I jump at the chance?  You bet I did!

Once we arrived at camp, everyone got settled into their cabins/train cars.  Each cabin is a converted boxcar with an addition built on the back containing the shower, sinks and toilets.


Due to number limitations, I wasn't able to stay in the same cabin as Abby... one chaperone needed to stay with the 5th grade girls in a different cabin.  I knew Abby could hold her own without me there, so I agreed to make the shift.  Did I mention, there were only two 5th grade girls?  Two well-behaved and well-mannered 5th grade girls?  And, our Children's Minister?  Yes, I hit the jackpot on cabin assignments.  Really, I did.

You wanna see visible proof of the difference between boys and girls?  As the entire camp gathered for worship on Friday evening, I walked to the front of our group of kids.  Without saying a word to them, the girls gathered each other together and turned to smile for the camera.

The boys?  They could have totally cared less.

The camp was located in Littleton, NC, along Lake Gaston.  The area was beautiful and quiet.  And, without reliable cell service.  When we arrived, I had a fully charged phone.  When I woke up Saturday morning, I had a nearly dead phone.  But, for about 8 minutes, I had a signal.  I even got a voicemail.  I checked.  Mike and the kids were fine.  I called.  Jeb was still asleep, in his crib.  Katie had slept in (past 7am) and was up and ready to start the day.  Mike had gotten some sleep in his own bed.  All in all, a fabulous report.  Again, he reminded me not to worry.

Saturday wasn't a total wash out, but we definitely had more rain than not.  Luckily, the kids were able to enjoy some free time, sans the rain, during the afternoon.  And, enjoy it, they did!


God is good.  This is the beauty He shared with us on Sunday morning.

The ride back to Raleigh went by quickly.  Again, I was able to relax in the company of another mom.  (Admittedly, I've been spoiled.  I doubt that opportunity will arise during any future chaperone assignments.)  And, let me be totally honest.  Chaperoning was not what I expected.  It was better.  I had a great time watching the kids learn about God's love and learn how they can share God's love with others.  My favorite part was seeing that love come out in unexpected ways during the trip, from unexpected little people.

It was so good to see my family again.  Did I mention that I've been with Katie every night since she was born EXCEPT when Jeb was born?  She did great.  Jeb continued to make improvements and was back to his old happy/smiley/"talking" self again.

And then...Part 3.

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