Life Happens - Part 1

You'd think I would have learned this by now.  Life happens.  But no, I'm a stubborn soul who insists upon making silly little plans only to have them changed with no notice whatsoever.

I give you... the weekend of Camp Willow Run in 3 installments.

Part One

{Monday 9/16}
I opened a new bottle of bath wash for Katie and Jeb.  (This seems totally uninteresting. I know.)

{Tuesday 9/17}
Changed crib sheet.  (Again, seems totally uninteresting, right?)

{Wednesday 9/18}
Abby notices some tiny red bumps on the back of Jeb's legs.  Instantly, I attribute the bumps to the new baby wash or different detergent on crib sheet.  That seems logical, right?  He doesn't have a fever.  He only has bumps on one area at the back of his legs.  He has an older sister that had horrible bouts with eczema as an infant/toddler.  

Don't use bath wash.  Change crib sheet again.  

{Thursday 9/19}
Rise and shine!  No redness on his legs.  None.  Obviously, it was the crib sheet or the bath wash.

Jeb spits up more than normal.  Notice the nipple, which we have had to cut to enlarge the hole since we add rice to the formula for reflux purposes, seems to be a bit large (like a gaping hole).  Attribute extra spit-up to the nipple.  Trash nipple - don't need the baby drowning again when he tries to eat.

Jeb vomits.  Ok, this time, I realize the spit-up earlier wasn't so much spit-up as mini-vomit.  (Insert mommy guilt here.)  Hmmm.  I hope he isn't coming down with something.  Legs now have the red bumps again.  Wait, and now so do his arms.  Crap.

Jeb has red bumps on arms and legs AND he, in general, just looks red.  Bright side?  No redness on his tummy or back.

Call from Mike.  Jeb is now running a fever.  Like, a real fever (101-102).  I phone the pediatrician and make an appointment for Friday morning, realizing the only appointment they have is exactly 20 minutes after my scheduled doctor's appointment that I've been having to reschedule for various reasons for almost 2 months.  So, I call my doctor and beg for another appointment.  I get one, but it isn't with the doc I wanted.  But, at this point, I just don't care anymore.  Long, long story.

I start "googling" infant, fever, rash.  It isn't pretty.  We all know the dangers of a google-diagnosis, right?  But, I do have Mike check to see if the rash whitens when he presses on the skin.  It does.  Good - no need for an ER visit.

Jeb has started keeping down Pedialyte through the afternoon, so we advance to formula.  My boy is hungry and miserable.  I have a ton of homework to blow through before I go out of town on Friday for Abby's church trip.  Jeb's fever drops slightly and he sleeps for a couple of hours at a time.

{Friday 9/20}
Jeb wakes up and is breathing weird.  He isn't gasping, but he's taking short, shallow breaths.  He isn't wheezing.  Mike and I debate on taking him to the ER.  (This is a huge debate in our house... because we have experienced the local ER with a sick kid.  It isn't pretty, or quick.  And, it usually results in getting some other unwanted illness.)  I notice that his breathing returns to normal when he goes to sleep.  He isn't pale or blue (yeah, I'm so NOT winning mom of the year), so I decide to hold out for the pediatrician's appointment.

Fever is 102.7.  Give another dose of Tylenol.  Mike takes oldest to school and lets the little one come along for the ride because I've got to pack for this church trip.  When he arrives home, I head out with Jeb to the pediatrician.

Reminded why I love certain pediatricians in our practice.  The doc quickly realizes I've got all my ducks in a row (last temp, time of last dose of meds, amount of last dose, rash whitens, etc.) so we don't waste any time.  She gets a new temp (and we all know how the doc takes a temp in a 5 month old, right?), does a strep culture (he's my boy - barely flinches, unlike his sisters who require physical restraint) and orders a cbc.  Like most other parents, I hate it when my children have blood drawn.  This time was no different.

Strep - negative (thank goodness); bloodwork - not an infection (another blessing); temp - 102.4 (dangit).  Doc provides me a dosing chart for Tylenol and Motrin for infants and children.  We can give one dose, alternating meds, every 3 hours.  It is just a virus and he should be feeling better soon.  If anything changes, call.  Oh, and by the way, this is contagious, whatever it is.

Home.  Finish packing for the trip.  Grab some lunch - Mike is fabulous.  Load the kiddos in the car and make a mad dash to Abby's school.  We must check her out about 15 minutes early in order to get to the church on time for the trip.  We make it.  Thankfully.  Mike tells me not to worry.  Ha!

Read more in Part 2 and Part 3.

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