Funday Sunday

The Lord blessed us with absolutely gorgeous weather two weeks ago (yeah, I totally meant to post this right after our fab weekend...and then life happened).  Fall is my season of choice and this was a reminder of how much I've missed it.

When we arrived at church, it was obvious that we have a thriving church.  The nursery and preschool area was overflowing with little people.  They had an obvious need for help, so I decided to stay instead of heading up to the worship service.  Abby was over the moon.  She loves helping with the little kids.  And, she really has a knack for helping the ones who are uncertain or insecure at drop-off.  Watching her play with the 4 and 5 year old's made me realize what our house will be like in just a few years.  Katie and Jeb are two lucky little people because their big sister is going to be showering them in giggles and hugs for years to come.

After church, we stopped by the grocery store on the way home.  It was obvious that the grocery trip had slipped my mind when I was choosing my wardrobe and shoes... grocery shopping in heels with 3 kids...what was I thinking?  (I know some of you can rock heels all day and all night, no problem.  I'm lucky to rock heels pain-free for a couple of hours.)  We finished the grocery store without any meltdowns (a huge accomplishment) and headed home.

After lunch, I traded the heels for some flip-flops and the kids and we went out to run some errands so that Mike could have some quiet time.  Alone.  Our final stop was the park.  Abby loves swings.  Katie loves slides (with Abby).  Both girls had a fabulous time.  Jeb enjoyed the fresh air.


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I can't wear heels almost at all, anymore!

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