35 and Counting

I may be in the minority, but I haven't gotten to the point where I dread my birthday.  As a matter of fact, my birthday sort of snuck up on me this year.  I've got so much going on, I didn't even realize my birthday was this Friday until, well, Monday.  And, I'm happy to admit I'm 35 and I could care less if I "look" 35 or not.

Many consider 35 to be a mini-milestone.  While it isn't 30 or 40, it seems to be slightly more significant than 34 or 37.  This milestone birthday is leaps and bounds above my last milestone of 30.  Today, I am able to celebrate my birthday as the wife in a happily reconciled marriage, the mother of 3, a member of an awesome church family, a friend to some absolutely amazing people, a graduate of Wake Tech, an NCSU student... I'm just so thankful for all that I am blessed with.

My day has been pure perfection.  Just past midnight, Mike and I were sharing some unusual cuddle time with Jeb (because you have to stay up late some nights to get things done) and we realized he had his first 2 teeth (on his 5 month birthday)!  *Sniff, sniff*  It seems my darling little boy didn't get the memo - my 3rd child is supposed to do all things slowly and never ahead of the curve because this momma and his daddy want as much time as possible to savor every little thing because we know it will probably be the last of all those firsts.

I received a good morning and Happy Birthday phone call from my parents first thing.  When I got Katie up and was changing her clothes, she greeted me with "appy birfdy" over and over (thank you Netflix and Jake and the Neverland Pirates for the birthday episode).  Apparently, little miss fancy pants catches on quickly.

On the way in to work, I got my birthday coffee from Starbucks (venti soy PSL with whip).  Thank goodness birthday drinks are [calorie] free :-p  I've never been successful in impressing the joys of Starbucks onto Mike.  He has always considered my coffee drinks to be a complete waste of good coffee with all the syrup, milk and whipped cream.  Looks like birthday PSL's have special powers.  He tried my drink. "Yum!"  Finally.  Welcome to the dark side my man.  You just have to make the most of it while you can.  Starbucks isn't kidding when they say, "for a limited time."

Work, which has seemed like endless days as of late, went by remarkably fast.  Upon arriving home, my sweet hubby prepared my requested meal - seasoned hamburger steaks with gravy and onions, homemade mac & cheese (a la Paula Deen = lots of butter and cheese), brussel sprouts in butter, pepper and parm sauce.  So delish.  And, he even served warm, fresh Ghiradelli brownies a la mode.  I may not eat the rest of the weekend, but it was totally worth it.  But, the *best* part of the entire meal?  We shared it together as a family.  All 5 of us.  Jeb spent his first meal in the high chair (which he totally rocked, even with the pink flowers and butterflies.  Can you say hand-me-down from his sister?)  Katie graduated to a booster seat.  (She was so excited, but a little uncertain when Jeb went in her old high chair.  Once he was in, she was fine with it.)

Abby wrapped all of my gifts and she did a really interesting creative job.  For my hot pink Croc flip flops, she put wrapping paper around the paper bag from the store.  It was really cute and totally inventive.  I would never even thought to do that.  But, it worked.  As you can see, Katie was really into the whole opening of gifts.  Her facial expression is priceless.

Katie was allowed to stay up extra late to spend time playing with her sister.  They get so little time during the week because of homework and long days, it was sweet to watch them play, cooking in Katie's kitchen.  Once Katie was asleep, Abby volunteered to help me go through a huge tote of Katie's old clothes to find some things for a friend who is adopting a little girl this weekend!  After that, we played a game of Scrabble.

Thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes.  They truly made my awesome day even brighter.

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Sues said...

I still love my bday, too!!! Yay for Sbux PS & quality family time!!! JOY!

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