Tooth Fairy Foibles

I can remember being so excited, as a kid, when I lost a tooth.  I looked forward to placing my tooth under my pillow and awaking the next morning to find some denomination of cold, hard cash.  As an adult, it usually involves a dentist or oral surgeon, lots of hard-core prescription drugs and results in hundreds or thousands of dollars paid to said dentist or oral surgeon.

As a parent, I've gone from sharing in the thrill of losing teeth with my oldest, to absolutely dreading when the next tooth will drop.  Our tooth fairy started off great.  She'd come in the middle of the night, stealth and without warning.  She'd replace that snaggly tooth with a $2 bill under our princess' pillow.  This went on for a number of teeth.  However, our tooth fairy apparently isn't all she's cracked up to be.

Most recently, a tooth was lost late in the evening.  All the grown-ups knew the tooth fairy wasn't available for any appearances that night.  Since Abby was getting ready to head out of town for away camp, she totally forgot that night.  I placed the tooth in a Ziploc bag and told her that she could put it under her pillow when she came back from camp.  Except, when she came home from camp, the bag was gone.  Missing.  Nowhere in sight.  I thought I had left it on the kitchen counter in a Ziploc bag, but we couldn't find it anywhere.

Fast forward a week or two.  Open the fridge to get out a block of cheese that was in a Ziploc bag.  [Let that sink in.  Tooth put into Ziploc bag.  Cheese in Ziploc bag.  Got it?]  Yeah, found the tooth.  The Tooth Fairy, being low on cash funds, asked that the "found" tooth be ignored for a few more days.  Done.  Abby took her long lost tooth, along with another recent loss, under her pillow inside her pillowcase overnight.  What child puts her tooth INSIDE the pillowcase?  Mine.  The Tooth Fairy didn't come that night.  (Really, she tried, but she just couldn't find the teeth she came for.)  Abby was distraught when she woke up.  I suggested maybe the Tooth Fairy couldn't find her teeth since she normally leaves them under her pillow.  She considered this and agreed to leave them under her pillow the next night.

The following evening, the Tooth Fairy spent about 15 minutes trying to navigate Abby's bedroom without making lots of noise (because it seems logical that a 9 year old would have countless plastic grocery bags on the floor).  But, she was successful and Abby awoke to find her teeth were gone and in their place was a little cold, hard cash.  By the way, the Tooth Fairy now realizes that name brand Ziploc bags are too noisy and the generic store brand are much better for toothing activities.

The Tooth Fairy is seriously considering creating a secret hiding place to stash $1 bills over the next few years to be able to keep up with demand once Katie and Jeb start losing teeth.  *sigh*

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