See No Evil

As I approach the midpoint of my 30's (which I'm totally fine with), something hit me.  As I stared at my computer screen, because that is like 95% of my paid job most days, my eyes felt tired.  Normally, the solution is to put on my glasses.  My glasses, that sit on my desk most of the time because they really are just for reading.  My glasses, that I haven't really worn regularly since I was taken out of work around Valentine's Day 2013 in preparation for Jeb.  My glasses, that when I put them on today, made the words on the screen look fuzzy.  WTH?  Remove glasses.  Words crisp and clear, but a little small.  Glasses on.  Words fuzzy, but bigger.  Crap.  That's not what I was hoping for.

Then I invoke Winnie the Pooh... think. think. think.  And it comes to me.  I haven't had an eye exam since May 2011.  To some, that seems totally reasonable.  To others, that's just crazy talk.  To me, that is realizing that I've birthed two children in that time.  More thinking.  And during that last eye exam, I was told I needed to graduate from reading specs to full blown bi-focals.  Say what?  At 32?  Surely you jest!  Of course, less than a week later, I discover I'm nearly 3 months pregnant.  Hooray!  Total justification for the crappy eye exam.  Pregnancy does crazy things to the body.  All parts of the body.  Right ladies?

With all the fun that is having a newborn and a pre-tween, getting another eye exam totally slipped my mind.  And my wallet.  Then, Jeb was on the way.  I rationalized avoiding another eye exam because a-I could see just fine and b-pregnancy does crazy things to the body.  Now that Jeb is here, I should probably get that eye exam.  Although, I'm not sure if I can handle another bi-focal diagnosis.  Because I certainly can't blame it on any of my youngins this time around.  Thank goodness.  Two under two is plenty.  No need for more.

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