I Gave Birth to my Bestie

On Saturday, I took Abby on a Back-to-School shopping trip for clothes and shoes.  I was terrified of this excursion.  Abby and I tend to argue.  A lot.  About everything.  And nothing.  I think we speak two totally different languages that use the same words, but they mean entirely different things.  I just wasn't sure how we'd make it an entire afternoon clothes shopping in numerous stores.

First up, we headed out to lunch at Cafe Carolina at Cameron Village.  Abby's first choice was The Flying Biscuit, but they had a huge wait and my girl was hungry.  Before we finished our meal, she was asking about dessert options.  Beyond the tasty treats at Cafe Carolina, she knew Goodberry's was right around the corner - literally.  And, my girl never passes up an opportunity for Goodberry's.  Except when offered a new option - Sugarland.  She chose mango gelato and mexican chocolate gelato.  I've got to admit, it was quite tasty.

Throughout the rest of the afternoon, we visited numerous stores and their fitting rooms.  I agreed to let Abby choose the radio station(s) in the car.  Apparently, she's hooked on a couple of songs right now and she wanted to scan through all the stations over and over again, hoping to find one of her songs.  It reminded me of a beach trip in high school with two friends - Angela and Becca.  We followed my parents down to North Myrtle.  At the time, "Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under?" by Shania Twain was really popular.  That meant that Angela spent nearly the entire time in the car during that vacation scanning through stations trying to find that song.  (That was before Country was popular and on just about every Top 40 station.)  Somehow, she lucked out and found it fairly often.  I still remember kidding her about that all the way to the beach.

I told Abby this story - she's met Angela.  That led to, "what did you do at the beach?"  Matter of fact, that was the first time I had ever gone to the shopping mall (Belk, Express, Bath & Body Works, etc.) while at the beach.   I told Abby how Angela could find a mall even if she had never been there before.  (It's true.  I've witnessed this.)  And, that Angela loved to try on clothes.  LOVED.  (I left out the part that Ang also liked to buy the clothes with her mom's Express card.  No need to plant *that* seed in my child's head.)  Now, Abby knows that I am not a shopper myself.  I'm happy to go along with others, even enjoy it.  But, I don't shop for me.  Ever.  "Mom, what did you do while Miss Angela shopped?"  Well, I sat and waited to see all the outfits she picked out.  Or, I'd run and get another size.

"Mom?!  I'm just like Miss Angela.  I love to shop and try clothes on.  And, you do that same stuff for me too."  Then, Abby went on to ask me all sorts of things about Angela.  And we discovered that Abby and Angela share a few other things in common.  Who knew?

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Sues said...

I *LOVE* this!!!!!! HOW CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[PS - I'm now craving mexican chocolate gelato! ;-)]

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