Going Green

I nearly wet my pants after reading a Facebook status update from Baby Sideburns:
Agggghhhh, Holden turned off the light and I’m sitting in a public bathroom! (Obviously I’m typing this after the fact because at the time I was shitting a brick) Turn the light back on! Turn the light back on! Well, at least I can’t see all the nasty germs I’m probably touching as I feel my way out. Ewwwww. Anyone have the number to the CDC?  --Baby Sideburns; August 1, 2013
I mean, after reading it to myself, it took multiple tries to read it aloud to the hubby.  Just inserting it above gives me the giggles all over again.

Anyway, you really aren't that interested in my bodily functions and how hard it is to laugh without peeing my pants sometimes.  (And, if you are, please stop.  That's just creepy.  And gross.)  This got Mike and I talking.  Little did I know that at his old job (you know, that former place of employment that paid in something other than sticky hugs, slobbery kisses and explosive diapers), there was a motion sensor on the bathroom lights.  Who knew the State of NC was so green. So forward thinking?  (Maybe we need to install those in every public building across the state.  Money saved could be redirected to pay teachers.  But I digress.)

Even better.  The motion sensor allowed for the lights to be on for 12 minutes following any noticeable movement.  (It really isn't important to know how or why I'm able to share that 12 minute tidbit.)  This got me thinking and laughing hysterically.  I started wishing we had that kind of setup at my own office.  I started plotting in my mind's eye even though we all know that I absolutely love everyone I work with.  Everyone.  Especially those of you that have somehow stumbled upon my blog.  I love you guys the best!!!

Picture it.  Just hang out in the stall for 12 minutes.  Then, the lights go out.  You could totally scare the, well, you know, out of the next person to drop in.  OMG!  Too funny.  And, that one really annoying person.  The one that blows smoke up everyone's tail.  Well, that person would probably have one memorable potty break.  Oh, the opportunities (and giggles) are endless.

Now, for those of you nay-sayers who immediately chime in with, "Right, like you can stay in the women's bathroom anywhere for 12 or more minutes without anyone walking in."  I can live in my own little fantasy world.  Quit chasing away my happy.

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