Moms Grow Up Too

As moms (and dads), we're constantly reminded of how quickly our children grow and change.  Guess what?  We moms grow and change too, especially with subsequent kiddos.

Case in point:  When Abby was a baby, we had all the gadgets every parent needed like a wipes warmer (which, by the way, warmed wipes, but also dried those suckers out forcing us to buy more wipes...vicious cycle) and a car bottle warmer (I still don't know what I was child happily drank cold bottles straight from the room temp water while traveling was totally sufficient).  With Katie and Jeb, every bottom gets cold/room temp wipes.  Nobody's hiney gets special treatment and my kids seem just fine with that.  And, I'm not constantly cursing because the wipes at the bottom of the stack are dried out and useless.  (Note to self - suggest a long-term study at one of those higher learning institutions to see if there is a correlation between babies with wipes warmers and tweens with entitlement issues.  Offer first-born as test subject.)

Here are just a few areas where I have grown over the years as a parent:

Sleeping (with) Children - I'm not sure if this should be classified as growing up or regressing :-)

  • 1st child - always sleep in crib in own room.  always.
  • 2nd child - sleep in rock 'n play just about anywhere in house because mom (or dad will drag/carry you in it while sleeping), sleep in pack 'n play in parents' room until 7 months when moved to crib in own room
  • 3rd child - sleep in baby swing or pack 'n play downstairs, sleep in rock 'n play in parents' room (mom refuses to move it anymore), crib in parents' room remains storage facility for all things baby at nearly 4 months
Eating (with) Children - fear often controls us more than common sense
  • 1st child - fed infant cereal and purees beginning at 4 months, s.l.o.w.l.y. introduced solid foods, avoided hot dogs, raisins, popcorn, chocolate, peanut butter, etc. until well past age 2, given fruit juice (watered down regularly)
  • 2nd child - fed infant cereal and purees beginning at 4 months, allowed to eat anything she was willing to try by 10-12 months (anything can be cut into tiny bites), fruit juice (very watered down on rare occasions)
  • 3rd child - will most likely be eating at 4 months (that's only 2 weeks away!!!) and will probably be eating things the parents don't even know about (thanks to his big sisters)
Traveling (with) Children - less really is more
  • 1st child - packed everything we could possibly imagine needing in a worse-case scenario
  • 2nd child - packed the things we knew we'd need and some things 'just in case'
  • 3rd child - known to leave the house with 2 diapers, 5 wipes, formula, bottle and burp cloth (no water, no change of clothes = no safety net)
How have you grown as a mom (or dad)?  

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Jamie said...

I am not having any more children but I do give my advice when new Momma's ask about the wipe warmer -- BIGGEST POS EVER!!! Such a waste of money! I used it like one month and tossed it. I never used my bottle warmer for the car or the one in the house, luke warm water proved to be faster and worked just fine! I should have NEVER bought a changing table as it just became a catch all, the floor, bed and sofa proved to be the best place to change the kid. Goodwill & Consignment clothes are the way to go because they grow too dang fast! I didn't need the "Mercedes" of strollers, I could have went with a cheaper version. I think the only thing I wouldn't change was the car seats, those need to be top notch so I didn't mind spending a few extra bucks on those. I even bought his toddler bed and bedding at a consignment sale because I am cheap, lol. Save those extra $$$ and put them in a savings account for college!!! I still buy his clothes at the goodwill or consignment. Walmart is my best friend when it comes to cheap clothes too. I also put away those name brand diapers and went with Target's brand and they worked better *GASP*!!! :)

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