Mom of Three

I've officially been a mom of three for about 12 weeks.  In my life, I've been pregnant for 117 weeks, give or take a few days.  I will be navigating the ins and outs of Wake County Public Schools for 22 years, assuming we don't move first.  Of all those numbers, the school part seems the most challenging and anxiety ridden.  (I'm sure other Wake County parents can relate.)

In all honesty, going from 2-3 hasn't been much of an adjustment for me.  Of course, I'm not the one at home each day with Katie and Jeb.  Mike might have something different to say when it comes to chasing a 19-month-old and caring for a 2-month-old.  I only get that on the weekends and I relish it because I don't get to see them as much during the week.

But I will admit, I did forget a child already.  We were at church and I was volunteering in the nursery...which meant Katie and Jeb were in the same room with me.  Abby was helping in some of the older rooms.  When it was time for Sunday School, I took Katie and Jeb to their rooms, along with some of the other children I was caring for.  I grabbed my stuff and started heading up the stairs, only to hear, "Mom?!"  I recognized that voice and stopped dead.  Turned around and saw Abby sitting in a chair, patiently waiting.  Yep.  I had forgotten that I had to take my eldest child to her Sunday School class.  At least it was at church and she wasn't really left behind, right?

I feel incredibly blessed to have three healthy children, each with their own little personality.  I'm the first to admit that I'm not in contention for mother-of-the-year.  The constant battles that take place in our home between Abby and me are a struggle.  A strong will does not make for a complacent child and a stubborn mama can find fault with nearly everything.  But even with all of that, I love each of my children in their own special way.  And I know that there will never be another person loved in that way in my life.  Ever.


Dad said...

You are a WONDERFUL mom! We love you!

Leslie said...

Here I was thinking my Princess and I were the only strong-willed child and stubborn mom combo! :) OMG! Sometimes that will drain you, but the days where there are no struggles are worth it! :)

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