Lil' Miss Katie

Toddler.  I absolutely adore my children at this age.  Even for all the tantrums and sleeping issues, I love it.  So much is going on in their little lives...learning, exploring, communicating.

Here are some of my favorite "Katie" things:
  • Talking - I love hearing our little girl talk.  It seems like she's learning new words every single day.  Some of my favorites... "bless you," which is said every time someone sneezes, coughs, clears their throat (you get the idea), thank you, Jeb, baby, Abby, sissy, woof woof (dog) and meow meow (cat).  
  • Dancing to the music - Katie loves music.  Any kind.  She will dance along in the living room and even in her car seat.  She seems partial to music from the 80's and 90's (good girl), but she really likes "Single Ladies" from Beyonce too.
  • Snuggling - Katie is a fabulous little snuggler.  She loves to give hugs and kisses, hold hands and just be together.  Many times, when I'm sitting on the couch feeding Jeb, she will climb up and just sit beside us.  And, most days, her first concern upon waking up is, "where's baby?"  She wants to shower her little brother in hugs and kisses.  When she's being held or carried, she'll often pat me on the back (like I do her) and give great big hugs.  It really melts my heart.
  • Getting dressed - this seems to intrigue Katie to no end.  She gets such a kick out of putting clothes on.  She even tries to put the build-a-bear clothes on herself, but they just don't fit very well.
  • Toy cars - our little girl loves toy cars and trucks.  Any surface becomes a parking area, race track or obstacle course.  She even makes sounds as she's "driving" around.
  • My Little Helper - I am amazed at how helpful Katie can be.  The pediatrician told us to be sure to let her help once the baby arrived, but I just couldn't picture a young toddler being all that helpful.  I. was. wrong.  Little miss Katie will bring/retrieve diapers, wipes, blankets, pacifiers, burp clothes, clothes, etc.  She also loves to help with laundry - taking dirty things to the clothes hamper, handing me the clothes from the hamper to put in the washer, taking clothes from me to put in the dryer.  It is wonderful to see the joy on her face when she finishes a task that she's helped with.
  • Hi-five - Abby taught Katie how to hi-five and Katie will randomly come up to us and say, "fife mommy," or, "fife dadda."  She holds her little hand up waiting for reciprocation.  Over the weekend, Mike even did, "up high, down low" etc and she played right along.
As Katie turns 19 months old today, I'm struck by how much and how quickly she has grown.  With Abby, I totally took for granted how quickly she was growing up.  I'd never been a parent before and I didn't have any idea how quickly the moments slip away.  With Katie, I'm much more aware and I desperately want to slow life down.  I can't imagine what I'll do 18 months from now when my little man is growing up all too quickly.

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