Dreaming of the Unknown

I really admire people who follow their dreams.  I wasn't sure that I had any dreams, per se.  To an extent, that sounds totally pathetic.  I mean, who doesn't have dreams?  Don't get me wrong.  I have goals and wishes, but I just have never really thought of them as dreams.  This hit me in the car the other day when Mike and I were discussing the future.  I had a realization that something I had always wanted to do, a dream if you will, wasn't going to happen the way I had envisioned.  After I said, "Well, I guess I just won't ever get to do that," Mike chimed in, "Don't ever let go of your dreams."  That hit me like a ton of bricks.  I even teared up in that moment.  Dreams?  Me?  But, I don't really have those.  Or do I?

That got me thinking about my children.  Honestly, as a parent, what struggles in your own life don't cause you to think about your kids?  What dreams does Abby have right now?  Will they change?  Will they be realized?  What dreams will Katie and Jeb have in the future?  Will I have any impact on the dreams of my children?

I can remember at a young age dreaming of being a lawyer.  As I got older and had interactions with a number of attorneys, I decided that wasn't for me because I didn't think I'd be very good at balancing my profession with my family.  Kudos to my attorney friends who are able to do both!  Somehow, growing up took some of the freedom out of dreaming.  As a child, you don't have to consider how practical your dream may be, like the little boy who dreams of being a professional athlete even though he isn't very athletic.  Or the little girl who dreams of being a famous singer even though she sings off-key.

Now that I'm more aware of at least one dream I've had tucked deep down inside, I'm gonna start doing something about it.  Thankfully, dreams can grow and change with us.  Even though I may not ever realize my dream in its original form, I'm now determined to be living it in some form.

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