Tween Chores

How does your family manage chores for the kids?  Do you assign a value to the chores?

We've tried chore tracking in the past, but nothing ever seemed to work.  Honestly, I think Mike and I were often too tired after full days of work to go around trying to figure out if Abby did her chores on a given day.  (I know, that sounds so incredibly lazy.  And, that may just be my excuse.  I should let Mike speak for himself.)  Then, there is the matter of payment.  We rarely have cash to hand over when chores are complete.  And, all of us struggled to keep up with who owed what.

I've toyed with MyJobChart in the past, only to struggle with nitpicking what to define as a chore.  Since Abby received my hand-me-down iTouch for her birthday, they have released an app for MyJobChart that I've loaded to her iTouch...and to my iPad.  We're going to give this chore thing another chance.  Only things I deem worthy of payment will be listed (taking out the trash, vacuuming upstairs, etc).  And, the point values for an entire week's worth of chores total around 700 (right now, subject to change).  For 1500 points, she can get a $5 iTunes gift card.  For 3000 points, she can have a $10 Target gift card.  I figure it would take her at least 3 weeks to earn the iTunes gift card and at least 5 weeks to earn the Target gift card.  I think those seem reasonable, especially since I'm pretty sure she won't be doing every single chore every single week.  And, if she updates that she has done a chore, but it doesn't meet our standards, points will be removed.  If it continues to happen, additional points will be deducted (re: punishment).

I'm hoping this will simplify chores in our house.  By Abby's age, I had so many more involved chores.  I'm pretty sure Mike did too.  But, I'm going to start of small and work my way up to the bigger things.  I shudder just thinking about Abby washing dishes or clothes.  I don't think we could afford that right now :-)

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Sues said...

JB & I didn't have "official" chores growing up. For Will & Annelise, we tell them that upstairs (their domain: their rooms & the play area) has to be clean, their clothes all hung up, and anything they bring downstairs put up upstairs. Those are the things they must keep up just to be responsible members of this household, so no payment. They get a set allowance to learn about managing money. I wouldn't trust W&A to wash clothes or clean as thoroughly as I'd want, either!!! :-D

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