Pinning Is Her Heart's Desire

Abby has always been fairly aware of social media.  Who can blame her?  She's growing up in a time where nothing "real" ever happens unless it is posted on Facebook or Twitter.  But, we try, as parents, to limit her exposure to social media.  I refuse to allow my 9-year-old to view my Facebook account.  Thankfully, this hasn't been too difficult to enforce because we've agreed to revisit the Facebook thing once she's 13 and can 1) have an email account (that I will monitor like a hawk) and 2) technically be old enough to have a Facebook account.  Notice I said revisit, not guarantee.  The same goes for Twitter, but she doesn't seem nearly as interested in that, for now. 

She's totally enamored with Instagram, mainly because it is a way to actually see her extended family and what is going on in their lives.  Thank goodness my sweet sister-in-law in Texas is a photographer and she's instilled the importance of making photo memories in her children.  And, now that most of Abby's cousins are on Instagram, she loves that she can see what's going on in their lives too.  It bums her out that she can't have an Instagram account, but I just don't think she's quite mature enough.  But, I've decided to allow her to let me know if she has pics she wants to share and I can upload them through my account.  I like to think of it as the "mom" filter. 

Recently, I introduced her to Vine.  Think Instagram in video form.  You can make short videos (6 seconds or less, I think) and share them.  Abby thinks that is even better than Instagram because there is sound.  I must admit, some of the videos from my nieces and nephews have caused me to laugh out loud a few times.  And, it is fun, but don't tell anyone I said that :-)  I've let Abby use Vine on my iPad a few times and she even uploaded a video this morning via the "mom" filter.  But, she won't be getting her own account for a while.  If Instagram is out of scope, Vine is on another planet right now.  Oh, parents of tweens, can you just imagine the things your children could do with Vine and no supervision?

And then there's Pinterest.  I was one of the last people to join the Pinterest bandwagon.  No, really.  I only created an account less than a year ago to enter a contest.  I didn't actually create any boards and start pinning until Jeb was born.  (What?!?  Pinning is a quiet activity I could do during the wee hours when Jeb needed to be fed or I couldn't sleep and it didn't require a lot of effort.  Ideal for a sleep deprived mom of 3.)  Abby finds Pinterest to be the coolest thing EVER.  She loves trolling through looking at craft activities, clothes, jewelry, shoes, etc.  And, she is thrilled that she can look at friends' boards, many of whom are people she knows from church.  But I think her secret fave is looking at the boards of some of my high school friends that I stay in touch with.  I think she is amazed that her totally uncool and unfashionable mom has friends who are the height of fashion and beauty.  (Thank you Susie and Jamie, because I now have fashion and beauty by association.)  Abby was dying to pin things for herself but I wasn't going to create an account for her.  But, I was willing to create a *secret* board on my account that no one else could see.  I even downloaded the Pinterest app to her iTouch.  Now, she can pin things she likes to her very own board.  I can see it at all times and monitor what she's pinning and searching.  An added bonus for me, it is like a window into her mind.  I can see what she likes without having to play twenty questions.  And, it makes her feel special knowing that I do take the time to review her board regularly.

As an adult, I think social media is fun.  It allows me to keep in touch with friends and family that I can't see on a regular basis.  And, honestly, I'm not a phone person, so phone calls are out of the question.  But as a parent, it does worry me from time to time.  I can't imagine what social media will be like in 8 or 9 years when I'm going through these same things with Katie and Jeb.  By then, Abby will be in c o l l e g e.  *gasp!*

~*~*~*~This is my 600th post.  Here's hoping for 600 more. ~*~*~*~


Leslie said...

Congrats on 600! I'm almost there! :)

I totally am on the same side. I try to keep my Princess away from social media. I didn't know I could do a "Secret" board...might have to check that out. I do however let my kiddo send a message to some of her cousins/aunts/uncles on my Facebook. Then she gets to read what they send to her. She does NOT get to do this alone. There is WAY too much crap that kids don't need to see there!

Sues said...

HAAAAA!!!!! "The height of fashion and beauty" - I don't know that I've ever been so associated, but I'll take it!!! :-D

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