Our Little Politician

Abby is attending a science camp this week in Downtown Raleigh at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences.  Each morning, she is dropped off at Bicentennial Plaza, which happens to be the connection between the State Capitol and the Legislative Building, flanked on each side by the Museum of Science and the North Carolina Museum of History.  For an adult, this is a fabulous place to people watch when the Legislature is in session.

Yesterday afternoon, Abby had some interesting news to share about her morning before camp actually started.  Abby saw a man walking with two other men through Bicentennial Plaza.  She recognized him and went over to speak with him.  He chatted briefly with her and even took time to shake her hand.  When she walked back over to her friends and counselors, they were curious who she was talking to.  Her response, "Pat McCrory."

You could have knocked me over with a feather when Abby told us.  Not because I was awestruck that she spoke to the governor, but that she initiated the conversation with him because she knew he was the governor.  Yep, I'm one proud mama (and Mike is one proud papa).  If nothing else, our children will be aware of politics, good or bad.

What surprised Abby wasn't that he stopped to chat with her.  It wasn't even that her friends thought it might be her dad or somebody in her family.  What surprised her most was that hardly anyone (campers or counselors) actually knew who Abby had been talking to.  When she told them Pat McCrory, many still didn't know who he was.  Bless her little 9-year-old heart.  She just doesn't understand that many people live their entire lives and don't have as much political knowledge about their elected officials as we've taught her in the past 9 years.

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