Jeb's "Handsome" Regimen

I had never heard of cradle cap before Abby was born.  She had a mild case with her little bald head.  We didn't really have to do anything special and it just went away by itself.  Luckily, Katie never had it.  Then, there's Jeb.  Our little man has a terrible case of cradle cap and I'm so over it at this point :-(

If you've never experienced this with your own kids (or anyone else's kids), consider yourself lucky.  Think of cradle cap as a really bad case of dandruff, baby style.  Basically, the imbalanced hormones in the body cause an overproduction of oil that hardens on the scalp into a funky, yellowish crust.  The general "fix" is to just wash their hair every day or two with mild baby shampoo.  We tried that, but Jeb's cradle cap just kept getting worse. 

We talked to the pediatrician about it and he recommended applying a small amount of baby oil about 10 minutes before Jeb's bath.  Then, lather his hair with mild baby shampoo and use a baby hairbrush to scrub his little head, hopefully loosening the scaly crust on his scalp.  The key?  Be sure to get all of the oil washed out or it will just lead to more problems.

Honestly, I was skeptical.  But, it seems like this new "handsome" regimen is working.  Jeb's scalp is looking better after each bath.  Admittedly, the after bath routine is a little gross.  Seriously.  All that stuff has to go somewhere, so it tends to get stuck in the comb.  Trust me, it's gross.

I seriously hope this goes away sooner rather than later.  It just looks icky and I can't imagine Jeb enjoys having his poor little head scrubbed every single night.

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Sues said...

Will & Annelise both had it. :-/ The BEST thing I used was Gentle Naturals Cradle Cap Care (it had some Disney image on the front of the bottle?) before I scrubbed their heads.

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