Hi Ho, Hi Ho

With less than 2 weeks until I return to work, I stopped by my office last week to drop off some paperwork and make the rounds with our newest addition in tow.

It was nice to see friends again, especially since the last time I saw anyone was before Valentine's Day. Considering I have worked at "The Farm" for over 13 years, I've probably spent more time with people at work than I have with my own family during that time.

It was also a little sad to realize that all the fun mommy time I have enjoyed over the past 4 months will be ending much too soon. When we had Abby, I had no idea what it would be like to be a mom. I couldn't imagine NOT working and even though I cried when I dropped her off a daycare for the first time, I was ready to go back to work. Now, having lived and loved through 9 years of motherhood, knowing this is the last time I will get to have some of these mommy experiences because children grow way too fast, I wish I could stop time or win the lottery or something. Something that would allow me to have as many of those experiences as possible, as often as possible. But, then reality bites a big chunk in my butt because that sweet little boy goes through a can of formula a week and that adorable toddler can eat her weight in carbs and that opinionated tween goes through clothes at an alarming pace. In order to provide formula, carbs and clothes, this momma's gotta work.

I'm super thankful that the kiddos will be with their daddy during the work day.  I can't imagine all the trouble they will get into this summer.  And, I'm certain there will be plenty of pics and videos for me to watch (*hint, *hint honey). 

While I'm not excited to be going back to work, I know I'm blessed to have a job to go back to.  Nevertheless, I'll probably buy a lottery ticket on Saturday, just in case :-)

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