Cry Me A River

The stress of the past few months finally hit me yesterday.  While I realize that I am blessed in so many different ways, even more ways than I recognize, blessings don't come without challenges.  I know that my challenges have been difficult for me, but they are nothing compared to the challenges my own close friends are facing.  That being said, I finally had enough of being tough and putting on a happy face.

And, before you start psycho-analyzing me, hear me out.  Often, I find myself avoiding the honest answer of how I'm really doing because I don't want to acknowledge it myself.  Acknowledging all the things that are bothering me becomes a downward spiral into a pit of pity.  That's right people, I end up throwing myself an elaborate pity party chock full of carbs and fat.  I invite my good friends, pasta and cheese.  Then, there's always the after-party with Ben, Jerry, (Little) Debbie and Oreo.  It's a good thing I'm not a drinker, just sayin'   (I'm a stress eater and looking at my life and accepting that things aren't "fine" can be a real stress inducer.)  Of course, the guilt that follows these blowout bashes is enough to generate a rebound party (and yes, that has happened too).

To avoid too much partying (and too many calories), I just sat myself down and had a nice, cleansing cry.  No, I wasn't a blubbering mess.  I think I just needed an outlet and somewhere quiet to let it all out.  Somewhere quiet = bathroom stall at my office.  Don't laugh.  I'm new at this mom of 3 thing and haven't yet mastered the art of finding a quiet place in my house.  Luckily, there are bathrooms in our office that are rarely used.  It isn't glamorous, but it works.  But, if I need a good cry again, I'll bring my own tissues.  Cheap office toilet paper can be rough on the nose :-)

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Sues said...

I looove a good cry. Cleansing catharsis!

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