A Whole New World

Well, it looks like we survived the first week of working mommy/stay-at-home dad of three.  By survived, I mean we still have three children with the correct number of fingers and toes, our house wasn't destroyed by flood or fire and no one was forced to resort to hard liquor. 

My weekend was pretty pitiful leading up to this week, because I knew that I was going back to work and I'd miss my family.  I was miserable to be around by Sunday evening.  My return to work was made so much better by my sweet husband who kept me informed about all the goings on in our home and sent me picture updates.  It really made a huge difference for this momma heart.  I only had one true meltdown on Wednesday morning when Mike sent me a pic of Jeb with a note - 2 Months Old.  I hadn't noticed the day on the calendar yet and it broke my heart that my little boy was already 2 months old and I couldn't just walk over and pick him up for some snuggles.  But, I made it through.  (I really don't think Jeb was too concerned.)

Katie has probably had the toughest time adjusting this week.  Apparently, she started the week off trying to find me in the house mid-morning, then broke down in tears.  That little princess is lucky to have a daddy who gives lots of hugs and kisses, so she found comfort pretty quick.  By the end of the week, she seems to have dealt with everything pretty well and is quite excited to see me when they pick me up from work.

Jeb is still trying to develop his own schedule.  Twice this week, he's slept for 8-9 hour stretches.  Yay!  But, they've started around 7pm, which means 4am wake-up calls.  Boo.  I'd like to shift that, but I'm not going to complain too much.  I'm thrilled that he's getting sleep.  He needs it more than I do anyway.  He's growing like a little weed and becoming quite the wiggle worm.

The change was probably easiest for Abby.  School ended.  Summer camp began.  Whether I'm home or at work, she doesn't really notice a difference.  Oh, but she will next week when she is home with her siblings and her dad.  Please pray for Mike :-)

More than anything, I miss having the opportunity to talk to Mike the majority of the day without little ears (Abby) listening.  If something came to mind, we could just talk about it right then.  Now, those opportunities only come in short bursts, but I relish them.

In just a few more weeks, we'll have one additional change.  Because Abby is going to a new school in the fall, her school hours are changing.  To have less of an impact on everyone else, I'm changing my work hours too.  I'm not thrilled to be working until 5pm, but it beats forcing my husband and kids to sit in the car for over an hour, waiting for Abby's school to open each morning.  Dinner will be a little later, pushing bedtime back for the kids, but they will sleep later in the mornings, right?  For some reason, I doubt that.

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Leslie said...

It might take a little while for the sleeping later to kick in, but once they get in the routine, it will work.

Glad you have a job that will let you adjust your hours. :) Hmmm...wonder if the school will change just to fit MY schedule?! LOL

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