Where Has All the Time Gone?

It is hard for me to believe that Jeb turned 6 weeks old last Saturday, Katie will be 18 months this coming Saturday and Abby will finish 3rd grade in less than two weeks.

3rd grade has been a struggle for all of us and I don't think anyone will be sad to see it go.  As if getting a horrible teacher assignment (who was eventually "let go" over Christmas break) and missing out on any actual instruction the first 4 months of the school year wasn't enough, Abby has really struggled with relationships at school this year.  At times, she tries to hard and at other times, she has a "my way or the highway attitude" when it comes to friends.  That tends to make things tough for everyone involved and little girls are M.E.A.N. and they hold grudges.  Especially tween girls.  Poor Abby is learning that the hard way.  It is hard to watch as a parent.  I hope that next year will be a huge improvement for Abby all the way around.

Katie is plowing through life head on.  She truly adores her big sister and her little brother.  It is obvious she has a tender heart and shares her love with anyone she can.  Not to suggest that she isn't a true toddler...she can throw a fabulous tantrum (long and loud) and she loves to open drawers and cabinets.  She seems surprisingly willing to hold hands and walk (to the car, into church, etc) which makes life a little easier when toting her brother.  She even has a favorite book - I Love You, A Rebus Poem.

I think it is hardest to believe that Jeb is 6 weeks old.  It seems like I was pregnant just a few days ago.  He is still struggles with discomfort in the early mornings (re: Good Morning 3-4am, every.single.day).  We've tried different formulas, but every "fix" provides a new problem.  At this point, we've settled on soy formula and we're adding rice to help with reflux.  That is what we ended up doing with Abby too.  He's starting to smile at everyone and seems very intrigued by his big sisters.

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