The Graduate

In June 1996, I graduated from high school.  The most memorable part of graduation?  They left my name off the list of graduates.  That's right... I went to that school for 4 years and I participated in all sorts of wasn't like I wasn't visible.  Matter of fact, the teacher "in charge" of making the list actually had me in one of her classes!  During practice, I went to sit in my assigned seat, only to discover I didn't have one.  My parents were not very happy.  I didn't want a big fuss to be made and I just wanted to get it over with. 

Now, in May 2013, I've completed my Associates in Arts.  For most people, that doesn't seem like a big deal.  I decided last spring that I wanted to go back to NC State and finish my undergrad.  The easiest way to do that was to complete a degree at Wake Tech.  I had taken courses off and on in the past, but wasn't even half-way finished.  With an infant at home (Katie wasn't even 6 months when I started taking courses again last summer), I took 18 credit hours last summer.  I took another 14 in the fall and 13 this spring.  Let me tell you, taking 13 credit hours while you are working and pregnant isn't fun.  And, realizing that you're going to be having the baby right before final exams isn't ideal either.

The official graduation ceremony was this past Saturday.  I had decided, over a month ago and before Jeb arrived, that I didn't want to participate in the ceremony less than two weeks after having a c-section (when he was going to arrive on April 22).  Beyond that, Abby was attending a mother-daughter camp with her surrogate mom (my co-teacher at church and a fabulous friend).  It would break her heart if I "graduated" and she couldn't be there.  So, Saturday came and went.

To actually graduate and earn my degree, I only needed two courses this semester (but I took four because the other two will transfer back to NC State).  The first course, Communications, was condensed into half the semester and I finished it back in March.  The second, Statistics, has been a reminder of why I opted to take Mathematics of Finance when I was at NC State years ago - I might be good at math, but I don't enjoy learning things that aren't applicable to my daily life.  If you've never experienced a statistics course, let me tell you... beyond the parts that are common sense (you have a 1 in 52 chance of choosing the queen of hearts from a deck of cards), nothing is applicable to daily life.  Seriously.   I missed the third test in the class due to Jeb's birth, so whatever I received on my final would be used to replace that zero.  I took my final on Friday afternoon.  To pass the class (with a D), I needed to score 34 on the final exam.  That sounds silly, especially coming from the grade monger I typically am, but I just wanted to pass the class to graduate.  And, I've had an awful time with the class concepts the past 6 weeks or so.  In all honesty, I didn't even attempt about a third of the exam because I had no clue and couldn't even come up with a guess.  Tonight, my grades were posted... I didn't get the 34.  Instead, I received a 58 (I never thought I'd be so happy to get an F on a test!) and ended the class with a C.  Best C I've ever seen in my life.

So, with that, I'm officially finished at Wake Tech and my degree is complete.  I will start classes in the fall at NC State.  I'm looking forward to this summer so I can read books FOR FUN!  I'm incredibly thankful for the support my husband has given me as I've been in school for the past year.  He's put up with a lot and I'm certain he's tired of hearing me complain about professors and group work.  Without his encouragement and support, I don't think I would have gone back to school at all.  And, I certainly wouldn't have committed to finishing at Wake Tech in a year.

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