Pediatricians and 20 Days

Yesterday was Jeb's 2 week check-up.  Technically, we should have gone earlier in the week, but we have certain docs we prefer in our practice (of like 25 doctors and 5 offices), so we held out to get a favorite.  Katie would have had her 15 month appointment too, but she has a runny nose, so we decided it was best for her to stay home this time.

I realize that kids get sick and have things happen all the time, but I do think with 25 or so doctors, the pediatrician could have 1 doc at each office to handle the emergencies that come in each day.  You know, someone who doesn't have any appointments scheduled and just handles unexpected things or helps out when appointments start backing up.  At yesterday's visit, we arrived 10 minutes early.  We sat in the waiting room over 30 minutes past the appointment time.  When we were finally called back, we didn't even get an actual exam room.  I was told it was a busy Friday (ha!).  We went into a tiny room that was used for storage, but happened to have an exam table and a sink (for hand washing).  Honestly, I didn't care as long as we got to see the doctor fairly soon.  A friend has recently had lots of doctors visits with her son and she's constantly being forced to wait hours past her appointment time.  This came to mind and I was thankful that I wasn't waiting for hours. 

When the doctor finally came in, he did apologize for the room and the wait.  It was nice that he acknowledged all of that.  I know some docs that wouldn't even give it a second thought. 

In the week after his birth, Jeb lost an entire pound (which wasn't alarming because he was so big to start with).  In the 2 weeks since then, he's gained back the entire pound plus another half pound.  Our boy seems to be a really, really healthy eater.  He has a big head, just like his sister (Katie) but there isn't concern...he comes from a long line of big (Slawter) heads.  He's super alert for his age already and seems to be doing great.  Thankfully, there weren't shots at this appointment.  (I hate watching my kids in pain or scared.) 

Now, for something funny.  Abby had her annual check-up this week.  Mike took her and I stayed home with the little kiddos.  The doctor Abby saw was one of the docs that saw Jeb in the hospital.  She remembered me (and Jeb) because he was such a big boy.  That made me chuckle.  I guess if you're gonna be remembered for something, having an 11 pounder is as good a reason as any :-) 

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