Little Girls Need Sleep

Katie has been a wonderful sleeper since she was born. She's been willing to take daily nap(s) and rarely fought going to sleep. If she did fight, it was for 10-15 minutes, tops. Just imagine my horror when all of that came to an abrupt end.

Since Jeb's arrival home, Katie has had a terrible time sleeping, both overnight and nap time.  The first day Jeb and I were home, Katie climbed out of her crib during nap time.  Mike quickly lowered her crib to the lowest setting.  Next day, she climbed out of her crib at night.  That scared me terribly...dark room, bookshelves, etc.  Over the next few days, Katie's room was transformed.  Now, she's graduated to a big girl (twin) bed and all other furniture has been moved to other areas of the house (re: mainly our bedroom).  For weeks, we've been trying to help her adjust to the new sleeping arrangement, only to find her sleeping on the floor pressed up against the bedroom door most nights :-(  This morning, I was tickled to find Katie laying on her big girl bed, snuggled with her typical snugglies and a book!

Our room now sports a chiffarobe (like a really tall chest of drawers), chest of drawers, crib, 2 bookshelves, changing table, bed, desk, office chair, 2 floor/shelf lamps, toy chest and a rock 'n play sleeper.  And no, our room isn't that big.  And yes, toes have been stubbed.

I feel beyond blessed that she does seem to be adjusting, even if it is slowly.  It breaks my heart at night to hear her cry and scream while banging on the bedroom door (sometimes with fists, sometimes with her head).  I remember going through many nights of this sort of thing with Abby, but when she was much younger and still in her crib.  I'm certain we'll go through something similar with Jeb, and I'm not looking forward to that either.

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