The Name Game

For those close to me, Jeb's name was probably a huge surprise... because I've had this "7 letter rule" for Abby and Katie's names.  Michael and Phyllis both have 7 letters.  I thought it would be neat if our kids did too.  So there you have Abby and Katie's names.  Of course, their names are also family names too. 

Abigail (my mother's middle name is Gail) Paige (Mike's sister's middle name)

Beverly (Mike's mother's first name) Kate (my great-aunt Katherine)

When we found out we were having a boy, I started off trying to adhere to my "rule," but found that I wasn't as thrilled with the name choices and it meant so much more to have family names.  Much like the girls, we changed his name in the weeks leading up to his arrival... you'd think by the third time, I'd have learned not to bother coming up with a name until near the very end.

John Ernest (Mike's Paw Paw's name) Brooks (my grandfather's middle name)

Normally, I wouldn't have chosen 3 names, but in researching family names and history, Mike and I found some really interesting info on my dad's family, specifically my great-grandfather.  He always went by his initials (C.E.D. Love) and I couldn't recall ever seeing his name spelled out.  After reading so much interesting information about him and his family, that helped in choosing Jeb's name and deciding his nickname too!

Of course, for now, Katie just calls him "baby," but I guess that could be worse :-)

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