12 Days Postpartum

On 12th day postpartum, my true love gave to me...

12 dirty diapers
11 empty bottles
10 spit-up clothes
  9 minutes of sleep
  8 sips of coffee
  7 late night feedings
  6 real quick showers
  5 packs of baby wipes
  4 changes of clothes (I now know what little boys are made of...pee!)
  3 alcohol swabs (wish that darned belly button would just fall off)
  2 tubes of Vaseline (who knew all that went into healing circumcisions)
  and 1 very beautiful baby boy!

Jeb, to date, had been a very easy going baby, although he makes lots of squeaky noises that his sisters never made.  He loves being held and snuggled.  I've finally mastered the art of diaper changes after many, many clothing changes for him in the first few days.  He seems to have his days and nights mixed up, only because he will sleep during the day for 5-6 hours, but only 2-3 hours at a time at night.  I'm not complaining though.  Thankfully, my stress level is significantly lower than it was at this point with Katie because 1) we aren't dealing with jaundice (and daily heal pricks and biliblankets) and 2) I'm not beating myself up about nursing (while he did a great job and it was gonig well, it was causing him to have terrible reflux and gagging with every feeding... while formula wasn't giving him the same problems). 

Katie has had a rather difficult adjustment so far.  She was quite upset that I couldn't pick her up the first week or so because of the c-section.  You just can't reason with a 16-month-old about mommy's boo-boo.  And, as soon as we were all home, she started scaling her crib - 30 seconds or less.  It scared me to death because her room was not ready for a roaming toddler.  Mike lowered her crib and it didn't make any difference.  We moved a twin mattress to the floor beside her crib and tried letting Abby sleep with her one night.  That. Didn't. Work.  No one got any sleep.  The next night, she and I snuggled on the mattress before I put her to bed.  That seemed to work a little better, partially because she was totally exhausted.  In the meantime, all furniture has been removed from her room and all that remains is her crib (because it is such a chore to dismantle), a twin mattress and a handful of toys.  I had to move the alarm clock (that makes ocean sounds for her to sleep to) into the closet so she doesn't push buttons and set alarms.  Our own bedroom now hosts an additional bookshelf, crib, changing table and laundry hamper.  Can you say tight fit?  While it isn't ideal, I do feel better knowing that she is safe in her room at night (doorknob is tuned backward so we can lock from the hallway).  I'm hoping she outgrows the climbing phase rather quickly (like climbing into her brother's crib, opening dresser drawers and climbing like steps) so that we can gradually start moving things back into the room.  Aside from that, she seems to ok with having a baby brother.  Anytime he cries, she cries with him (if he can't be consoled by shh-ing him).  She "helps" when we are feeding him by bringing us blankies and burp clothes, even if it means taking them from where we put them :-)  She gives him gentle touches and lots of kisses on the head.  I'll take that.

Abby has been a huge help, keeping her sister occupied while we try to get things in order.  Since Katie thinks Abby walks on water, it works out well for everyone.  Since timing is sometimes tough with a newborn (he only seems to wake-up in the evenings just as we sit down to dinner, no matter what time we have dinner), Abby's help is wonderful.  And, since Mike injured his back on my 2nd or 3rd day home from the hospital, Katie has loved her bathtime fun with her big sis.

So, for the first 12 days, I think we're doing remarkably well.  There aren't loads of unwashed laundry blocking access to anything.  We've had hot meals every night and they haven't been delivered or drive-thru.  Everyone has gotten some sleep, even if it isn't 8-10 hours and it isn't uninterrupted.

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