One Word - 2013

I was intrigued in 2012 with this concept, highlighted in Rachel Olsen and Mike Ashcraft's book My One Word.  Although I chose a word for 2012, I didn't put much committment into it and I decided to be more focused on my one word for 2013 - Patience.

I've never been described as a patient person.  By anyone.  Ever.  I'm always trying to hurry through to the next (big) thing and I'm finding I'm missing out on a lot by not having the patience to live in the present.

Now, I'm not crazy enough to think I will magically develop patience overnight or even in a few weeks.  But, I'm making a personal committment to at least be aware of my lack of patience in my daily life and try to develop some over the course of the year.  I figure by the end of 2013, with a 9-year-old, 2-year-old and 8-month-old, I'm going to need it (and then some).

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Sues said...

The last "one word"I really had was "present" - for me to not put off my kids as much by saying, "Just a minute" when they wanted my attention, esp. when I was on the computer; and also to not get my feelings hurt when JB didn't get me a present that meant something or that I had asked for. (He's not a gifted gifter, and I had begun to take it personally, like he didn't even know who I was anymore, and I needed to get past that. It sounds dumb, but it realy bothered me.)

I don't have one for this year, although "enough" keeps coming up in my mind: yes, I am doing enough to be worthwhile; paying attention to know when I've had enough; make sure I'm giving enough... (Oooo, I may have to blog this, too! :-D)

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