I Did That

I think it is funny how many of us accomplish so much in our lives, but we never take the time to really acknowledge the "little things" for all sorts of reasons.  I find myself dwelling so long on the things I haven't accomplished and forgetting to be thankful for the time, talent and treasure that God has given me that allow me to have accomplishments in my life.

I've made a promise to myself to acknowledge some of those little things every day in 2013, hopefully to remind myself that even though I didn't find the cure for cancer or win the award for world's greatest wife/mom, I still got some things done.

So, each week, I'm going to try to post a recap of one "little thing" I accomplished each day.  Trust me... many of the these things will seem tiny, but those tiny things add up.

I'll also try to remember to post daily on Twitter (@justbcauz78) and you can follow along #ididthat.  Why not join me? 

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