I Did That in Early January

A few accomplishments from the beginning of January...

folded and put away the girls laundry
unloaded and loaded the dishwasher before the family got up
put the futon cushion in its proper place
dismantled "Christmas"
played Monopoly TWICE with Abby
the Electric Slide in our living room
folded laundry and put it all away
sorted through Katie's endless toys
walked through the pain for a little bit of exercise
gave Abby a mini-mani complete with nail art
finished reading The Guest Book by Marybeth Whalen

I'll be the first to admit that this was harder that I thought.  There were some days that I just couldn't think of anything... I refuse to acknowledge that I took a shower and brushed my teeth :-)  But, looking at my list, I can quickly see that I went outside of my own personal comfort zone to purposely do some special things... like Monopoly.  Monopoly isn't a terribly enjoyable game in our house.  Mike is very competitive and I am too.  Abby, while very competitive, still feels she should get special treatment for being a kid.  (Thank you to all the people, like teachers and counselors, that taught my child that you should let the kid win.)  I'm not a fan of the "let them win" club.  I think it is much better to teach them that losing isn't the end of the world and you have to learn how to lose graciously.  Otherwise, people aren't going to want to play with you.  Ever.

Why not join me in savoring the small accomplishments?  I Did That

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Sues said...

You've got me beat: our indoor Christmas stuff is still up, I haven't read any books or played any kid games, and I have a week & a half of laundry in the clean basket. :-P YOU ROCK!!!

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