A New Start

When Abby began 3rd grade, all of us were excited for the new challenges it would hold.  To begin the year, she complained and whined about her teacher.  I really didn't pay it much attention because our daughter can be overly dramatic (drama queen) and embellish freely to the point of having "pants on fire."  However, when the teacher requested a conference and proceeded to inform me of how poorly behaved my child was and how the teacher had been referring her to the guidance counselor since week 1 and had already had discussions with the principal about my child... game on!  I'm the first to admit that my child isn't perfect.  But, I'm also going to defend her when I think she's being mistreated.  Don't mess with a mama.  Especially not a pregnant mama.  (And, don't mess with a daddy either...)

There had been no communication between the teacher and our home the first 7 weeks of school, aside from a single letter on the first day of school, "Welcome to Third Grade," and a generic note one day that said, "Your child did x, y and z today," as in, your child talked without raising her hand, didn't keep her hands to herself, etc.  No specifics.  My response to the x, y, z note was a handwritten note indicating that if that behavior is taking place, I would appreciate an email or phone call with details, instead of the generic checkbox note. 

Because no class list was ever sent home, it was difficult to talk with other parents about the classroom environment.  And, I didn't want to be one of those parents (you know what I'm talking about).  So, I was finally given the opportunity to chat with some other parents and boy was that eye-opening.  Needless to say, we weren't the only ones with concerns.  Mike and I drafted a seriously long email (about 3-4 pages, typed, single spaced of issues that had taken place since the beginning of the year) and sent it on its merry little way.  Thankfully, we weren't alone and our concerns were addressed.

We're happy to congratulate Abby's teacher on her pending nuptials over the Christmas break and her pending move to Florida!  That's right folks, she won't be back when the kids return from Christmas break.  You can't imagine how excited Abby was following the announcement.  The principal described her face and the face of a friend in class as, "kids on Christmas morning."  That scared me a little, but he assured me she was very polite and didn't say anything unkind, just, "congratulations!"

So, all of us are looking forward to a new start in the new year.  My biggest concern, at this point, is how far behind they are knowing they have end of grade tests this year. 


Sues said...

God surely provides, doesn't He? ;-)

Leslie said...

God is GOOD! :)

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