No Ruffles or Bows

We officially received our first box of boy clothes from a family friend this week.  Funny thing, I remember giving the same person of girl clothes about six years ago :-)
That evening, all of us gathered 'round the box to see what goodies were inside.  I’ve rarely spent time looking at boy clothes over the last 8 years or so because, well, I haven’t needed to.  Let me say, they have some pretty adorable stuff too… even without ruffles or bows.
Mike seemed most enamored with the camo fleece pants.  Abby found the polo style onesies to be strange.  I just couldn’t get over how different this will be after living in the land of pink, sparkly and such. 
And, I realized you can get away with a lot more when dressing a girl…picking some boyish stuff.  The same doesn’t really go for boys.  Inside the box was a set of red pajamas with cars or something like that.  I immediately grabbed them and Katie has enjoyed her new jammies that past couple of nights.  Ever since she outgrew her footed sleepers around 5 months, she hasn’t really worn pajamas.  She gets a new outfit after her bath each night and tends to stay pretty clean until the next evening.  It means less laundry and we can all be thankful for that.  But, now it looks like the little miss may be getting some more jammies (probably in pink) to enjoy.

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Sues said...

Oh, I loveloveloved polo onesies for Will! :-D

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