It's a Boy!

We headed for our level two ultrasound last Thursday afternoon.  The ultrasound tech immediately pointed out a blip on the screen and asked if we knew what it was.  (I was fooled by this trick last time around... because quite honestly, it looked the same to me as Katie's girls parts, but I didn't go to school for this stuff.)  We sat quietly and saw her type "PENIS" on the screen.  The room errupted with tears and laughter.  Katie just looked at us puzzled.

My first thought when we left the office was how horrible that our son would have to have a painful medical procedure in the few few days of his life.  When we didn't know if Abby was going to be a boy or a girl, I worried about that possibility and felt great relief when it was no longer on the table.  I know, I know...they don't remember it.  It's quick.  They give them pain management.  Still, that makes no difference to me.  I cry when I nick my child's finger with the nail clippers.  Slowly, I'm coming to terms with that aspect of having a boy, but I still don't like it.

Thankfully, the ultrasound went well.  They didn't see anything that caused concern, but it looks like he's going to be a big boy.  He's already measuring about 1.5 weeks ahead.  Lord, help me.  I thought Katie was big at 10lbs, 9oz and she measured at the 40% percentile well into the 28th week.  It looks like we'll have another ultrasound around that same time just to check on growth.  Although, I won't get any false sense of security this time.  Both the girls grew like crazy that last 6 weeks or so.

That morning, before going to school, Mike allowed Abby to call into the radio station with "Good News."  I was clueless because I was already at work.  I had no idea until a co-worker sent me an email:

     A little girl called in and said she was excited to be a big sister again and that today she
     was going to find out if it was a boy or a girl. And that she has an 11 month and 2 week old
     sister named Katie. And that she is 8 years old. So I thought maybe it was Abby…

Why yes, I do believe that would be my daughter.  I quickly emailed Mike to confirm.  Apparently, she went on to explain that she really wanted a little brother so she could teach him how to play football.  They even played the Monday Night Football music when it was on the radio.  They told her to call back on Friday with the results.

She called back Friday and I was able to be there when she called.  It was all just too cute and her face was priceless.  They questioned her about a name (which is a secret we don't share with anyone... not even Abby), so she winged it as best she could.  They suggested a few names and she said that wouldn't work because it wasn't 7 letters (you see, I have a little rule that their first name should have 7 letters because Michael and Phyllis have 7 letters... and so you get Abigail and Beverly).  I think Mike wasn't expecting Abby to mention that on the radio, because you could definitely hear his background response when they played it on the radio this morning.  Too funny.  They also asked Abby to call back in April when the baby is born.  I'm looking forward to hearing that conversation too.

Now, I have the daunting task of going through all of Katie's outgrown clothes to see what can be salvaged for our little man.  To be honest, I'm not sure I'm going to find much more than a few white onesies and some NC State apparel.  Mike has already told Abby she is not allowed to dress her little brother is any girls clothes.  Ever.  (I think there may be pictures of a certain someone who was at the mercy of his older sister many, many years ago.)

And, while I was running errands on Saturday, Katie and I wandered into the baby section and we found some terribly cute blankies and snugglies that would be perfect for her little brother (and there wasn't a drop of pink on anything).

Now, with about 21 weeks to go, I'm so ready to meet this little guy.  He will most certainly be loved. 

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Sues said...

"They even played the Monday Night Football music when it was on the radio." = CLASSIC!!!!!!
Thrilled to pieces for y'all!!!!!!!!!!!

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