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Obviously, our lives have gotten significantly busier in the past few months and my lack of blog posts shows that.  But, it hasn't been an entire month (yet!).

I was really excited when Abby started Girls on the Run.  She enjoys running and jogging and it promotes self-esteem and positive body image.  However, I was less impressed once I observed the program site Abby was attending.  Because her own school didn't have a program, she was attending at another school in our area.  That made it somewhat inconvenient, but you do what you gotta do, right?  The coaches seemed nice enough, but it was a little disappointing that they weren't having the girls warm-up effectively and the majority of the time was just, "go run."  Each lap around the track, they earned a sticker.  The idea is that the girls are building up to running a 5k in December.  There was no guidance as far as pace yourself, watch our for other runners (passing you or that you are passing), etc.  I may not be a runner or physically fit, but I do know that 8-12 year old girls need more guidance than "go run" to ensure they don't injure themselves and they don't injure each other.  I was also disturbed that the coaches weren't really leading by example - something I expected since there are two coaches at each meeting.  Beyond all of that, the time spent on the actual "feel good" stuff was very limited and Abby wasn't having any opportunity to build friendships with any of the other girls.  (I realize that is a little more challenging because Abby isn't already in school with these girls, but to know Abby - she is outgoing and a chatterbox.)  To top all of that off, since the coaches aren't out on the track with the girls, there are times when the girls are quite far away near wooded areas that made me really uncomfortable.  As it continues to get dark earlier and earlier, this seemed like poor planning and execution.  After talking it over with Abby, we decided that we would take her running to a local park or track regularly (with her iPod) and she and I would participate in her first "official" 5k next year (after the baby arrives).  For parental piece of mind, this made the most sense for our family.

Our church hosts Upward Basketball and Cheerleading in the winter each year.  Abby has been really interested in cheerleading, but the timing last year didn't really work out with Katie's arrival.  So, this year, we surprised her with cheerleading that will begin after Thanksgiving.  She is very excited and really enjoyed the evaluations the girls participated in last week.  I hope she continues to enjoy it throughout the season and wants to participate in future years as well.

Katie is toddling around these days.  She can make it about 15 steps before giving up and crawling (because it's faster).  We bought her a pair of shoes, only to discover within a few minutes that velcro and Katie do not go together!  I exchanged them for a pair of lace-ups.  She's not a fan, but she'll just have to make do.  Of course, she's still barefoot around the house and we're fine with that.

And, to ensure she continues to grow like a weed, Katie will devour just about anything you feed her.  I find it funny how differently we parent our second child - table food, etc.  Abby didn't have baby food until almost 6 months (because that was what all of the books said).  By 6 months, Katie was already munching on some grown-up foods and hasn't looked back!

I'm very proud of Mike and how he has embraced his status as a "stay-at-home-dad."  Back during the summer, he was asked to post some guest blogs for WRAL's GoAskMom.  The response was positive, but it was only a week long thing.  A few weeks ago, he was asked to begin posting regularly once a month.  This week was his first monthly post.  Hooray!

Thankfully, I've crossed into my second trimester, although I'm not experiencing the relief I had hoped for.  But, I'm so thankful that we have been blessed with another baby, I can overlook the discomfort.

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Sues said...

I say good call re: Girls on the Run.
YAY, for cheer!
Go, Mike!
Praying for health & ease for you. <3

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