Wednesday Nights

We’ve had three weeks of Wednesday nights at church with Katie and I’m really impressed with how well she seems to be adjusting. She doesn’t seem to upset to eat dinner a little early, play for 90 minutes with people that adore her (with a snack of cheerios or crackers and some water) and head home. I have found that she’s less interested in bath time when it comes late, so the bath is pretty quick. By the time she has her bottle, she is exhausted and tends to fall asleep instantly. Added bonus? She sleeps really well on those nights too.

For whatever reason, Abby seems interested in going until Wednesday rolls around, then she complains that she doesn’t want to go to choir and that she doesn’t have fun at GA’s. I’m big on commitment and I’m not letting her slack off and I “make” her go each week. Of course, when it is time for the choir to sing in church, she’s excited again and can’t wait. Oh, the drama.

This week, I taught my GA class alone because my counterpart was out of town. I knew I had to find something for the girls to do that would keep them occupied, so we covered offering envelopes with duct tape. The girls can reuse the envelopes throughout the year as they collect offering for various missions projects. They LOVED using the duct tape and they each had a very unique creation. I made a rule at the beginning… everyone would pick two rolls of tape and no one would be sharing tape (can you imagine trying to share a roll of duct tape between 7 girls???). I explained that we would do other projects throughout the year, so if they didn’t get their fave color this time, they would have more chances. Everyone’s envelope turned out great and everyone stayed focused. Win-Win!

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Leslie said...

Have you tried Duct Tape wallets? We made those in GIrl was awesome! :)

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