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In an effort to save money, we decided to end our relationship with satellite last year. I think Abby was most devastated because she became disconnected from The Disney Channel. For an eight-year-old, that can be torture.

Now, we are in a position to enjoy a little extravagance once again, so we broke down and ordered cable last week. (Let me say that I detest Time Warner Cable. I’ve never had a good experience with them as a customer. But, we aren’t required to sign a 2-year contract, so it was cable or nothing.)

The contractor arrived on Saturday to install boxes for 2 rooms. The process was really quick and we had cable, but not. Mike spent tons of time online chatting with Customer Service after the install because the channels we expected were not available. Even Customer Service didn’t know what was going on because at least 1 of the 4 people said that we did have the channels and another said that our account just wasn’t updated yet. Finally, someone said they would put in a work order to have it corrected on Monday.

Monday rolled around and another contractor arrived. Only, the work order wasn’t what we had been told. It was to add another new box with another service, in addition to fixing the channel lineup. Of course, the price went up again too. (Did I mention that I’m not a fan of TWC?) Thankfully, the contractor understood that we were being jerked around again and he spent a huge amount of time on the phone trying to get things corrected. Once he replaced one box, he went upstairs to make sure the other box was still working…and it wasn’t. Abby would have been devastated if she got home and her TV wasn’t working at all. Everything was corrected and I’m sure the contractor had wished that he wasn’t assigned our work order that day.

Now, with hundreds of channels to choose from (most of which are duplicates?!?), I still find myself amazed that nothing is on. Nothing. We end up watching reruns of TV shows that we’ve already seen. Maybe I’m just not as “in” to TV as I used to be. Or, maybe I’m just so darn tired by the time I get a chance to sit down and watch that I just don’t care what comes on. Either way, I now have the chance to be bored by 250+ channels instead of just 12 :-)

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Sues said...

Our DVR is my BFF. You're right: there usually ISN'T anything good on when I want to sit down & watch; but I have all the things I *do* like "taped", so I've always got what I like. I super love TV, though; I could probably give up eating out (my other fave financial vice) before DVR... :-P

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