Birthday Reflections

Today, I turn 34.  And, I couldn't be happier.  I have a wonderful husband, beautiful daughters and friends who are there for me when I need them, no questions asked.  I am always thankful for each birthday because it means I've lived another year.

To start off my day, I stopped at Starbucks for my birthday treat (thank you Starbucks for rewarding your customers!!!)  I thoroughly enjoyed my Pumkpin Spice White Hot Chocolate.  Thankfully, it was about 58 degrees outside, so everything was perfect.

Abby made me a cute bracelet (pink and orange tie-dye) out of duct tape.  It is absolutely adorable and she wanted to also make me earrings and a hairbow, but I think that may have been a bit much.

Thank you so much to everyone for the fabulous birthday wishes.  They mean the world to me!

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