Away From Home

This weekend, Abby went on her first trip away from home without family. Ever. That isn’t to say that Abby is a homebody. She was spending the night with grandparents within a month of being born (you read that right, one month). She spent almost an entire week away from home for her first Thanksgiving and she still loves visiting (and overnights) with her relatives. But each time, she has been surrounded by family and familiarity.

On Friday afternoon, we dropped her off at church with nearly 30 other 3rd-5th graders and a handful of chaperones for a 2 day trip to Camp Oak Hill. She was excited but anxious about the whole thing. She only knew two of the girls(there were 14 girls total) before leaving on the trip. She was worried that she wouldn’t make any friends or they wouldn’t accept her. Based on her non-stop chatter when we picked her up from church on Sunday afternoon, that wasn’t a problem. She had a blast. She was happy to be home with her family, but she was also excited that she could go on a similar trip again next fall. (I didn’t even mention they have one in the summer too!)

Mike and I were a little worried, expecting a phone call at some point during the weekend, letting us know we needed head up to Camp Oak Hill in the wee hours of the morning to pick up a distraught child who couldn’t be comforted. But, that phone call never came.

And, I think Katie was the most frustrated about the whole weekend. Katie is very attached to her big sister. She calls Abby “babby” or “my babby.” As soon as we dropped Abby off, Katie started calling for her and looking for her. Each time we sat down to eat, saw a picture of Abby around the house or when Katie woke up in the mornings, she was on a mission to find “babby.” She was beside herself when “babby” hopped off the bus at church and gave Katie a HUGE hug.

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Sues said...

YAY!!!! So glad it was a great experience!!!
(PS - Katie *already* saying "my babby" = genius! :-))

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