The High Country

We haven’t taken a family trip since Labor Day 2011, when I was nearly 7 months pregnant.  I realize some families never get to take a family trip, but we were just itching to get somewhere, anywhere, a couple of weeks ago and we decided on a last minute getaway to The High Country.  We surprised Abby with a 3-day weekend to Boone in the NC Mountains.  Mike and I have always enjoyed visiting there and it has been a long time. 

We drove up on Saturday morning, arriving in Boone in time for a late lunch.  Of course, it was raining off and on, so we decided to have an in-car picnic of Chick-fil-A while on the Blue Ridge Parkway.  Even with the rain, the views were beautiful.  We drove (and stopped, and drove and stopped) from Hwy 421 to Hwy 181, enjoying views of Grandfather Mountain, Moses Cone Memorial Park, Julian Price Memorial Park and the Linn Cove Viaduct.  We got back into Boone just in time to check-in the hotel and unwind for a little while before heading to the Daniel Boone Inn for dinner.  This has always been a must for us whenever we visit Boone.  While not glamorous, the food is good ‘ole country cookin’ and there is something for everyone in our family.  I think Katie may have eaten her weight in green beans.  I was worried she would end up with a tummy ache, but no worries.  And, per our usual, we took the country ham biscuits back to the hotel and popped them in the fridge for breakfast the next morning.  Once back at the hotel and Katie was tucked away in her pack-n-play, I took Abby to the hotel pool.  I think she had a much grander idea of the hotel pool and it was a bit of a disappointment.  She didn’t realize the pool wouldn’t be any deeper than 4 feet and it wouldn’t be very large either.  But, she had a good time with some other kids and she slept well back in the room.

Grandfather Mountain

Linn Cove Viaduct

Dinner at Daniel Boone Inn

On Sunday, we took our time wandering around and made sure to stop at the Mast General Store and Annex.  You just can’t beat walking around Mast and discovering all kinds of neat things (like a cake tester on one of our previous journeys).  Abby was intrigued by the original store and head over heels for the Candy Barrel at the Annex.  She had never seen so many different types of candy in a single place.  After a leisurely afternoon, we ended up at the Come Back Shack for dinner.  To be honest, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was pleased.  Sweet potato chips and a burger when just about every topping imaginable.  After dinner,we decided that everyone had enjoyed a long and fun day, so once back at the hotel, we all turned in early.

Monday morning, we packed up and headed out, but only after an enjoyable, yet simple, continental breakfast at the hotel.  Abby LOVED that she could have her very own waffle and watch it being made.  She also enjoyed the self-serve aspect :-)  Once the kiddos were fed and the car was loaded, we drove a little ways North on the Blue Ridge Parkway, only to come across Mr. Magoo and his owners.  You see, Mr. Magoo is a Harley-riding Beagle.  His owner has a padded perch with a lead/clip bolted into the bike.  Mr. Magoo happily hops on, buckles in and enjoys letting his ears flap in the wind.  We were all tickled to see this happy hound.  Once we left the High Country and headed home, we had to make our standard stop in Greensboro at Stamey’s.  I can probably count on one hand the number of times we’ve been to Greensboro in the past 15 years and we haven’t eaten at Stamey’s or picked up barbecue or Brunswick stew to bring home.  This time, Katie enjoyed chowing down.  Her faves? Brunswick stew and hushpuppies.

Mr. Magoo

Family Photo
Our Girls

Abby trying to catch a butterfly

Thankfully, we arrived home mid-afternoon on Monday, about 2 hours before the bottom dropped out of the sky.  Everyone had a great time and I can’t wait for our next vacation, whenever that will be.

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