Summer's Ending, Routine Returns

Part of me can't believe that summer is nearly over (not "summer" the season, but "summer" the calendar).  It seems like only yesterday, Abby was leaving 2nd grade and super excited about being home all summer with her baby sister.

The other part of me is ready for a regular routine again... Wednesday night's at church, a standard bedtime and Girls on the Run.  (Although, I could do without making lunches.)

Tomorrow night, I'll be attending training at church for Girls in Action this year.  I taught for the first time two years ago, but took last year off, since I knew I'd be out by the Thanksgiving or sooner (turned out that was a good call).  So, I'm looking forward to a whole new group of girls.  I'll be teaching 2nd grade with a friend who I co-taught with for Abby's 1st grade class.  She taught 1st grade again last year and is moving up with the same group of girls this year. 

I'm hoping that changing up our Wednesday evening schedule won't throw Katie off too much.  She's gotten pretty accustomed to dinner at 6:00, bath at 6:30 and bottle at 7, followed by bedtime.  Dinner will be moved up and the bottle will be pushed back.  Fingers crossed that she'll adjust quickly.

Abby will be attending Meet the Teacher at her school on Friday and school will start on Monday.  We decided to surprise Abby and leave Katie at my parents' house while we take Abby to Meet the Teacher.  As much as Abby loves her sister, I'm sure it gets old hearing people constantly saying how cute Katie is.  And, I'm certain that would happen on Friday.  We wanted Abby to have some special "Abby" time, so we'll be going to Meet the Teacher, then taking her for dinner, just the three of us.  I'm pretty sure Katie won't mind :-)  And I know Nana and Papaw won't!

So, it's time to start being busy again.  Oddly, I like busy and feel a little strange when we aren't.


Jamie said...

I feel the same way!!! I am lost when we don't have a routine or schedule. I feel worthless and like my house is always a disaster. Vic started school 2 weeks ago and Brody starts 4K tomorrow and honestly....I couldn't be happier. Although my heart breaks that Brody is getting older and I secretly excited that he is back in school so I can get back in the swing of things. We are finally attending church again on Sundays and Wednesdays and that feels awesome.

Sues said...

This is the first summer I haven't been DYING for school to start. Don't get me wrong - I am happy for it!!! - but the kids are both old enough & close enough to wake up & be self-sufficient together on their own while I sleep in, if we have no morning plans. Not excited to give that up to walk them to school & make lunches, again. :-P

Sues said...

(PS - just nominated you for a blog award over at my blog, if you want to check it out: :-))

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