Girly Updates

Since Mike is terribly outnumbered, all things GIRL tend to rule in our house.  That being said, let the girly updates on our sweet girls begin...

It feels like life moves just a little too fast sometimes.  It’s already August.  It seems like Abby just finished second grace (in June).  Heck, it seems like Katie was just born (in December).  Alas, I can’t freeze time.  I vaguely recall trying to do that a few years ago, but it never seem to work out.

Our girls are growing up much too fast.  Abby is now an official bike-rider.  It may seem late, but I think it works best for all of us.  Were Abby any younger, I’d be so worried about her riding her bike on our street.  (Note to self – when choosing the next home, bike-friendly neighborhood is IMPORTANT!)  Now, she understands the importance of being aware of all of her surroundings, thankfully.  And, she realizes the importance of a helmet…especially after an incident on her scooter recently. 

Katie now sports 6 teeth (yes, she’s only 8 months old) and she wants to walk so bad, you almost feel sorry for her that she can’t, yet.  Abby was walking a week shy of 9 months.  I’m not sure that Katie will be quite that soon, but it won’t be for a lack of trying.  (I really should get the poor girl a pair of shoes, but we just haven’t yet.  It was obvious early on that socks were not one of her favorite things, so we really haven’t bothered with shoes.  I’m sure we’ll be paying for that years from now.)

Abby still L.O.V.E.S. being a big sister.  She’s so proud to show Katie off to anyone that will take a moment to listen.  I asked Abby over the weekend if she’s glad she has a little sister.  There wasn’t a moment of hesitation.  Yes!  Even though I get tired of doing things for her sometimes, I love her. 

And, Katie loves being Abby’s little sister.  No matter how upset (hungry, sleepy) Katie is, seeing Abby enter the room makes it all better, at least for a little while.  And, it is like Katie KNOWS which toys are/were Abby’s.  If it was something Abby has played with before (years ago or just last week), Katie seems to latch on permanently.  I’m not sure how well that will play out 5-10 years from now, but it is really cute today.

Abby will be participating in Girls on the Run this Fall.  Right now, I think we’re tied for excitement (Abby and I can’t wait).  At the end of the season, all participants will run in a 5k with family and friends cheering them on.  To prepare Abby for what 5k means, we went on a walk Saturday morning.  A 3.3 mile walk around our neighborhood.  There was a little whining here and there, but Abby made it.  And she was really, really proud of herself when we finished.  I’m hoping to do that regularly.  It is good for both of us and gives us some girl time together.

Food is one of Katie’s newest pastimes.  She enjoys feeding herself and she seems to have a willingness to try just about anything.  She’s on board with anything fruit, veggie, pasta and chicken.  She’s a big fan of American cheese (yuck, I don’t think I’ve EVER liked that stuff) and yogurt too.  She doesn’t seem as fond of cottage cheese, but she will eat it with some fruit mixed in. Crackers are also one of Katie’s faves.  It is really hard to believe that she won’t be drinking formula much longer and we’ll be buying whole milk again.

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