Patience as the Patient

The past few months have been somewhat uncomfortable for me healthwise.  Without getting into a lot of unnecessary details, it should be sufficient to say that doctor's visits that include discussions of your lady parts are never fun, but even less fun when they aren't routine.

When I first noticed some issues, the doctor suggested it was related to the pregnancy and c-section... normal and not to be concerned.  Over the next few months, nothing improved and I now have more problems instead of fewer.

I finally scheduled another doctor's appointment out of complete frustration.  Within hours, I received an email about facing your fears.  Perfect timing?  I think so.  You see, sometimes I think Google should be blocked from anyone with an undiagnosed medical condition because it never fails.  No matter what the symptom, you Google to discover all of your symptoms can be attributed to the most horrific things and you are DYING (and soon).  Don't believe me, try it someone.  Anyway, being the Google addict that I am, I did Google a time or two, especially as new symptoms popped up.  And, whaddyaknow?  I'm dying (and soon).  Reading all the horrible things it "could be" really settled some fear in my heart and I figured if I kept waiting, things would get better.  Ok, maybe not.

So, seeing the doc this week at least provided confirmation that I'm 1) not crazy and 2) there really does seem to be something(s) wrong.  I went for a CT scan this morning.  (If you have never had the pleasure, don't be too jealous.  I had to drink two H.U.G.E. bottles of banana flavored barium - gag!!! Then, they give you an IV that makes you hot and really uncomfortable...but not nearly as bad as the banana barium.)  Thankfully, the procedure ended up being a huge praise.  No results (and none for over 2 more weeks), but it was very quick (less than 30 minutes from the car and back) and I was able to eat something normal when it was over.

For now, I will just wait patiently (and stop Googling).  I know that God has a plan for me and my family.  And, I know that He does things in His time.  For now, I just pray the doctor can easily diagnose the issues and identify a resolution.  I know God can handle that.  He can handle anything.


Mandi High said...

Praying for you and your sweet family. I am here (not too far away) if you need me

Jamie said...

Praying for you! I have had plenty of lady issues so I am here if you need an ear. I used to be a medical google junkie and I really HAD to quit diagnosing myself because, like you, I always came to the site that said I was quickly dying! I still use google but not to diagnose symptoms :)

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