Fun, Fun, Fun

My parents are Baby Boomers. That means I grew up listening to "oldies," including The Beach Boys. I can remember a cassette tape that I played constantly when we lived in TN and in Greenville, NC. And, I remember when DJ, Stephanie and Michelle went with their dad, Uncle Jesse and Joey to Hawaii (Full House).

On Sunday, Mike and I had a fabulous date night at the Raleigh Amphitheater to see the Beach Boys 50th Anniversary Tour. They gave a great concert and it was amazing to see Brian Wilson and witness his talent.

I was surprised at the diversity in attendance, but discovered that "old" and "drunk" should never be together. The lady beside us was both and it wasn't pretty. She downed an entire bottle of wine in about 30 minutes and went back for shots and more wine. I'm sure she had a wonderful Monday morning.

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