Easter 2012

This year was a little unusual for us, as far as Easter goes (and I'm embarrassingly late in posting)...

There were no last minute shopping trips to pick up Easter basket necessities. I'm a huge planner, but Easter always sneaks up on me. I kid you not, I have been at Wal-Mart on Easter morning before. It made me feel a little better that year to see I wasn't the only one. This year, the basket fillings were purchased weeks in advance, thanks to my husband's quick thinking and savvy shopping skills.

We went to a local Easter egg hunt. We've gone one other year, but it wasn't typical (more of a scavenger hunt), so it doesn't really count. Abby was surveying all of the eggs in the hopes of getting a golden egg. No such luck, but she seemed to enjoy the 30-60 seconds of mad dash hunting. Katie was less impressed, but enjoyed the pretty weather. Thankfully, the Easter Bunny was in attendance and we were able to have a picture of him with the girls. On a side note, Mike commented (and I thought to myself) how odd it seemed that some of the kids at the hunt were sooo dressed up... as in their Easter Sunday best. Now I get it... the pics with the Easter Bunny. Duh! As much as I like that thought, I think we'll stick with normal, everyday clothes at Easter egg hunts... to many chances for stains and stuff.

We broke down and took Abby to Marbles Kids Museum in downtown Raleigh. She has been before, but it has been over a year. As much as I like the idea, I'm not a fan of crowds or crowds with wild children in enclosed areas (or wild children in general, but I digress). Mike invited his parents up for the afternoon and we enjoyed lunch together at Roly Poly before tackling the museum. As we toured through, I was a little sad to realize that Abby has really outgrown the majority of what Marbles has to offer. They do have special programs that would be great for her, but the standard "exhibits" just don't offer much for her anymore. I think she realized that too on this visit, but still had a good time. I can imagine that she will extend her Marbles access over the coming years by leading her sister around. Katie has no idea what is waiting for her as soon as she starts walking and talking.

Saturday and Sunday, Katie was in "the reflux zone." Since you can never be sure, especially after taking in lots of germs during Friday's outing to Marbles, I was hesitant to take her to church, even though it was Easter Sunday.n If she was sick/had a bug, I don't want to pass it on to anyone else in the nursery. I definitely missed being at the service, but I think we made the right decision. Thankfully, by late afternoon on Sunday, it seemed to be more reflux related than anything else.

Since Katie was doing better by Sunday afternoon, I decided to take the girls to the WRAL Gardens for a photo op.bThe flowers and azaleas are beautiful. It was obvious this was a popular photo spot... plenty of kiddos in their Easter attire. I think this will become an annual event for us.

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