Bicycles and Babies

I don't remember when I learned to ride a two-wheel bike, but I remember being jealous that most friends learned before I ever did.  The same could be said of Abby... until last weekend (the weekend before Easter).  On Sunday, we took a family outing to a nearby school and she learned how to ride.  Her take-off is still a bit shaky, but she's good once she gets going.  (I joked to Mike that we should invent a bicycle launcher to help kids get started when learning to ride... it would take the place of the parent holding up the bike.)

On the same day, Katie turned 4 months.  I can't believe how big both of my girls are getting, in their own ways.  Now, seeing how quickly Katie is growing, I find myself regretting not fully embracing everything with Abby when she was smaller.  I'm sure I'm not the only parent that feels that way.

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