Wieners, Winners and Wonders

Something happened to me on Saturday afternoon that most people never experience in their entire lives (and no, I didn’t win the lottery). As we were driving to lunch and our weekly errand-fest, we saw the Wienermobile driving down Capital Blvd toward downtown Raleigh. Of course, we had to detour and follow it. Thank goodness I had my camera in my purse. I only got a few pics, but I got them nonetheless. Do you have any idea how hard it is to take a picture of a gigantic hot dog on wheels in the next lane at 40mph in the bright sunshine? It may sound easy, but it isn’t :-P

I’ve started couponing again. Nothing crazy, but the items we normally buy anyway and trying to match them with sales. I felt like a total winner yesterday when I discovered a $3 off coupon in the newspaper insert for two bottles of Pantene because I already had a $5 off BJ’s coupon for two pumps of Pantene…a total score for 80oz of Pantene Two in One for $7.98 after coupons. I won’t have to buy shampoo/conditioner until Halloween. Yay!

Sunday was my first outing to church since Katie was born. I’ve been hesitant because it is cold and flu season and people always seem more than willing to go to church when they are sick. We’ve been really blessed so far that Katie hasn’t contracted anything, even though her sister brings home 2nd grade germs 5 days a week. But, I decided it was time we headed back and yesterday seemed like a good day. We made it to early service just a couple minutes late, which I consider a huge accomplishment and I’m sure God understood. I dropped Katie off in the nursery and felt a HUGE relief when one of the ladies knew everything about reflux because her grandson has it. (Thank you, Lord, I needed that reassurance.) Of course, when I started walking up the stairs toward the sanctuary, I started tearing up. Abby was immediately worried about me and it’s hard to explain to your 7-year-old that you’re crying because you just left her sister with some very nice ladies at church that will hold her and care for her as if she was their own. It just suddenly hit me that I hadn’t handed Katie over to anyone yet… staying home with daddy = no daycare drop offs. When we sat down in church, I opened the bulletin and was glancing through the service and announcements and was speechless (ok, technically I wasn’t actually talking, but you get the idea). The pulpit rose for yesterday morning’s service was in honor of Katie Slawter… daughter of Phyllis and Mike Slawter; big sister Abby. That was just awesome. Will wonders never cease? And, Katie happily survived her first day in the nursery. She was very busy snuggling when I arrived to pick her up. I think she’s going to like it there… everyone always wants to hold the babies and being held is one of Katie’s favorite pastimes.


Sues said...

Awww! The rose = such perfect God timing!

Leslie said...

Don't you remember when the Weiner-mobile was in the Concord Christmas Parade one year? (Or at least I think it was.....)

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