A week from...

Last week started like any other. Church was good on Sunday morning. Abby even behaved relatively well when she sat with a friend during service. Monday was typical, just a little soreness on my chin from a pesky pimple. Tuesday, pimple still pesky, but my face seemed to be swelling. By Wednesday, the entire bottom half of my face was red and swollen and it HURT! At that point, I went to the doc. Verdict? Cellulitis.

I warn you, googling 'cellulitis' can be scary (trust me). The doc actually gave me a dose of meds in the office and told me to head to the ER if I started running a fever or it seemed to spread. I rested the remainder of Wednesday thinking I would feel fine the next morning. Silly me. I felt like I had been hit by a truck when I woke up on Thursday. By mid-morning, I had a fever and was on the way to the ER.  (Thank goodness my parents live nearby and were able to keep Katie with no advanced notice.  I can't imagine all the funk she could have picked up at the ER.)

The ER was eye opening as usual.  I honestly can't remember an ER visit that wasn't.  Sure enough, everyone seemed to have ills and ailments on Thursday morning at 11am.  Who knew?  When I was finally able to see a doc, he ordered a pain in the butt (no really, a big fat shot of antibiotics in my rear).  Having that shot reminded me how uncomfortable vaccines are for our kids when they are younger.

By Friday, my face seemed to be improving and the doc told me to continue my oral antibiotics and I should be a-okay.  Of course, the onset of a sinus infection and cough "should" go away with these same antibiotics, but the jury is still out on that one.

I hope this is my first, and last, run-in with this stuff.  I will say it provided a good teaching moment for Abby - don't scratch at scabs.  Apparently, any break in the skin can let in a bad germ and cellulitis can develop.

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OH NOOOOOOOO! Healing prayers!!!!!! :'(

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