Mice and Vice

First, the mice.  A while back, our beagle kept having interest in the wall in our half-bath.  The wall is between the half-bath and the garage.  We didn’t think much of it at the time.  But, in recent weeks, we realized that there are mice living in the garage.  [gasp!]  Let me just say that the thought of a mouse (or mice) living in my house (even the garage) freaks me out.  In my mind, that tiny little mouse (please don’t refer to them as cute) is no different than a foot long rat I once saw running toward the storm drain on campus at NC State.  Given the time and opportunity, I think I would have sat downstairs in my chair the other night and slowly rocked myself while mumbling unrecognizable things.  Yep, bothers me that much.  Luckily, when the crafty little booger was so bold as the nibble on our dogs’ food while in their bowls, I was more concerned with making ridiculous racket in the kitchen and picking up every little morsel of dog food I could find on the floor…and then there was the making lunches for the next day, washing dishes and getting ready for bed.  I digress.  Needless to say, I’m very ready for my handsome, strapping husband to save the little women of our house from this terrible monster.  I’m all for animal rights and I hate the thought of cruelty to animals (product testing, puppy mills, etc), but I’m not sure my compassion can be transferred to a mouse in my house!

Now, on to the vice.  I mentioned about a week ago that I would be giving up Facebook for Lent.  No, I don't spend hours and hours refurbishing my farmhouse or briefing my consigliere.  But, I did check friends’ status updates whenever I was home (and I would have checked more often if not limited to WiFi access).  Most recently, I realized that I was literally checking Facebook first thing in the morning and last thing at night.  I decided that needed to stop and Lent was the perfect time to do it.  In place of some of the time I was spending on Facebook, I’m making an effort to spend more quiet time with God.  And, I’m the first to admit that this is a hard thing for me.  I’m horrible at planning to spend some quiet time in His word, only to “do it tomorrow.”  I typically find myself talking briefly to God when I’m walking the dogs because I find it’s easier to put my brain on “pause” for those few moments because I’m not trying to juggle anything more than two leashes (and possibly a bag of dog poo).  And, those talks are usually more complaining and less talking.  So, with my newfound time, I’m going to make a concerted effort to read the Bible everyday. Every. Single. Day.  I’m in awe of my friends and family who do this each day.  One of my biggest obstacles, beyond the whole “committing the time” thing is that sometimes I feel completely stupid when I read the Bible.  I can read a passage and be just as clueless after the first, second, tenth reading as I was before I even started.  Then, I can read a devotional or commentary from someone and just wonder how in the world they ever got from Point A to Point B in the thought process.  Yes, I know, it was God’s guidance and wisdom that led them there, but when you personally can’t seem to “get it” over and over again, you start feeling defeated and wondering what is wrong with you.  So, beyond just reading the Bible each day, I’m also stepping out in faith that I will be able to actually hear God during these times (and not just read the words on the page and wonder what it all means).  To help, I downloaded The One Year Chronological Bible (NLT) to my nook last night.  I’m hoping reading the Bible in the order in which things happened will help me have a better understanding of it.  I’m excited about this new journey and I’m committed to continuing long after Lent has passed.

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