Lent is Coming

The season of Lent begins next Wednesday and I've been trying to think of something to abstain from during that time, something that I will have to make a real effort to avoid and something that will afford me the chance to replace it with a positive.

And, I've reached a decision... I'll be giving up Facebook during Lent.  I will not be posting or checking Facebook during the entire season.  To be honest, it's not like I spend hours each day on Facebook.  Truly, I don't.  But, I do take a few minutes here and there to check in on updates from friends and to periodically post an update for myself.  You may be wondering what positive thing I intend to do in place of Facebook.  I will get back on track with reading my Bible each day.  I've been struggling lately with trying to find the time.  I know I should spend quiet time each day with God, but I also know that I rarely do.  It's one of those things I need to prioritize better - as in FIRST.

So, don't be alarmed if it seems that I've fallen off  Facebook.  I'll just be on hiatus for a while.

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