Family, Faith and Friends (Random)

Total and complete randomness from the past few weeks…

Tomorrow will mark 3 weeks since returning to work.  I can’t believe how quickly the time continues to pass.  I feel so incredibly blessed to have a husband who loves and supports our family.  Being a stay-at-home parent isn’t easy, whether you are a mom or dad.  And, I think the mental stress may be a little more for dads because of society’s quizzical look.

We’re starting to get into actual routines around the house again, well, sort of.  I’d love to say that my house is totally clean, but it isn’t.  Nowhere near, but it’s getting there.  I find that we have small windows of opportunity to deal with housework and we’re doing our best to make the most of those windows.

I’m committed to feeding my family healthier choices this year.  Selfishly, it’s easier for me to make healthy choices when I force everyone else to make them too :-P  Of course, I haven’t figured out how to put healthy and cheap into the same sentence, but I do find that we actually eat less when it’s healthy?!?  Over the weekend, my shopping trips were to Target (baby formula, staples like sugar and cream cheese), Harris Teeter (bulk of groceries but not produce), Whole Foods (produce and yogurt) and BJ’s (bulk items that I know we’ll use – cascade, oats, chocolate chips, etc).  We’ve started couponing again too.  Abby helped me put our binder together on Saturday.  It’s in a very nice NC State 3-ring binder and she’s quite proud to tote that into the store.

Don’t you just hate it when you feel like you’re doing a good (or at least decent) job of keeping up with life and you get totally blind-sided?  I mean “out of left field” and absolutely no warning?  I’ve been struggling with a total blind-side… something that was totally out of my control and I still couldn’t fully explain if I tried.  But, I knew my reaction was in my control and I wanted to react in faith instead of fear or anger.  So much easier said than done and I’m not there yet.  I’m still struggling.  Each day offers a new challenge, but I’m hanging in there.  A good friend who has walked in similar shoes gave two pieces of advice that I think were so appropriate: 1) people or situations that try to steal your joy cannot take away your birthday – it will always be your day to celebrate and enjoy (seems silly, but it does help to brighten your outlook when you just don’t know what to do) and 2) the smell of a baby’s head will fix anything (so true… I find myself sniffing Katie’s head all of the time).

Valentine’s Day offered me a new perspective this year.  Abby has a crush on a little boy from her class last year and he seems to be smitten with her too (don’t get me started…)  Anyway, she wanted to give him a “special” card.  The first card she made included “I love you” and I immediately nixed that draft.  I told her that she couldn’t put that on the card.  Period.  When she got home yesterday, we chatted about the special card he made for her.  Apparently, his first draft included those three special words too and his mom nixed it!  I love that we’re on the same page.  I get the crushes happen and kids will be kids, but I don’t want my 7 (almost 8, OMG) year-old daughter to get hung up on boys because that turns into her appearance and so on.  Yes, I’d like her to stay little a while longer, but I’m realizing that just isn’t going to happen.  I couldn’t believe how grown-up she looked in one of her Christmas pictures just 2 months ago.  I think I’m getting ready to experience the full meaning of ‘tween.’  Lord, help me.

Back in December, we traded our car in for something a bit larger (a crossover with a 3rd row seat).  In January, it was in the shop for nearly an entire day to have some things serviced, only to discover there were still more things that needed review/repair.  [Insert long, frustrating back and forth with dealership – sales and service.] On Monday, the dealership sent a loaner car over to our house to pick up our car and leave us with the same model to use while they serviced everything.  As frustrating as the whole ordeal has been, I felt really blessed that they did all of that for us.  Granted, I think they should have done *something* considering all of the trouble we’ve had, but I digress.  Our car was returned last night around 6:30pm with everything repaired/replaced, a full tank of gas and completely detailed.  I fully admit that the gas tank was nearly empty when they picked it up on Monday ;-)

Even though we’re not thrilled about our current home location (we’re quite ready to move back toward North/West Raleigh), God reminded me things of beauty are everywhere – I saw a bald eagle flying overhead this morning as I walked the dogs.  I try to keep my desire to move in perspective – we are blessed with everything that we have, even if it means overlooking a few inconveniences and discomforts.  My biggest concern is safety, especially with the girls and I know that He will provide that for us no matter where we are.

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Sues said...

We've gotten serious about being a healthier household this year, too, and you're right - the ONLY way it works is if everyone's doing it, not just one. For the first time in years, JB's truly on board (& actually spearheading, which is directly proportional to the rate of success = currently high! :-D) For us, healthier is more $$$ at the store, but waaay less overall, b/c we're going out to eat less often. (Twice a week instead of like 5 times. :-D)

Awwww, I loooooved the smell of Will's head...

It's definately a more dramatic age difference for you, but something about having a 2nd makes your 1st seem to grow exponentially faster!!!

YAY for finding the joy in where you are now! JB used to *HATE* when I told him my goal was to be content, b/c he saw contentment as no longer advancing or having new hopes; but no - contentment is finding the joy where you are now while you wait for God to prepare your next big breakthrough! :-)

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