And a New Month Begins

I can't believe January is already over.  Where did the month go?  As if time didn't move too quickly last year, this year seems to be stuck at full throttle and we're only on the 2nd month.  It feels like entire days pass by between blinks.

It's hard to believe Katie is two months old today. As I type that, I realize it's even harder to believe that I have an almost 8-year-old as Abby turns 8 a month from tomorrow.

Since time seems to be flying at such a rapid pace, I'm determined to do a better job of capturing the moments.  I'm in awe of friends that do such a good job of this (and always have).  I think about things just after the moment has passed and kick myself for not acting sooner.  I've even started carrying my camera in my purse in the hope that I having quick access will improve my reaction time.  Thus far, I've seen no improvement, but I'm holding out hope - it's still early in the year :-)

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Sues said...

For me, camera in purse or on phone in my hand is THE KEY! :-D

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